Season 2: Kale Chips

Kale chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, while still retaining the saltiness and crunch that everyone loves. Get tips on executing the inexact science of kale chips with helpful hints from an organic gardener in this free video on garden-to-table cooking.

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Hey, I'm Willi, and I'm Jon, and we are the hosts of "Grow. Cook. Eat." And truth be told, I'm a potato chip lover, so this episode is very exciting. Yes. We are taking kale, which is a great plant in the garden, but we're going to turn it into chips. So, we're talking about saltiness, crunchability, healthier than potato chips. Way healthier, but delicious. Yes, they're quite delicious and really easy to make. So, they're great, and it's going to be a really fun episode. Let's do it. Okay. I grow a ton of kale, because you can eat it at a bunch of different stages. You want to plant the plants at the exact same depth that they were growing in their pot, and you really want to just barely disturb the roots. I always just kind of flare them out at the bottom, so that they'll extend out into the surrounding soil, but they don't love to have their roots disturbed, so you don't want to really get in there and mess around. Dig a hole that is the same depth as the seedlings root ball is, and double-checking that it's the same height that it was growing in its pot, and then you can just go ahead and backfill around it with that soil. And then, press it into place, and then water in the gentle stream from the watering can. For the kale chips, I'm going to harvest bigger leaves from all of these plants, and you always want to harvest kale from the bottom up because new leaves grow from the center of the plant. So, just use a sharp knife and go ahead and snip off those leaves with the knife, and once I have enough, we're going to head inside and make those kale chips. Alright, so there's three important steps in making kale chips. First, you need clean leaves. Then, you're going to need to get the leaves nice and dry. And finally, you're going to rub them lightly with some nice, good olive oil. So, you remove the base stock after the leaf is done. Just tear that bottom part off, and make sure that you are getting the whole leaf because you are going to want to tear them into smaller chunks. So, I'm going to get myself a good group of leaves here, removing all the stocks. I'm going to put them in my strainer here, give them a good, healthy rinse. Once you've rinsed them off, you're going to want to spin 'em dry. Just to make sure that they're dry enough, we've put them on a, either a paper towel or a regular towel, and just make sure that you pat them dry. That way they'll hold oil and they'll get nice and crispy in your oven. Kale chips are not rocket science, and they're not an exact science either, so what I'm going to do is take this little bowl and put some olive oil in, just a couple of tablespoons. And how much oil you need really depends on how many chips you're making. I'm also going to use a little bit of tamari. You can also use soy sauce, and that's just going to add a little bit of sauce. Once you get the oil in the bowl, just mix it together with your fingers because you're actually just going to tear the leaves into chip-sized chunks, and then coat them with olive oil. You don't want them to be greasy. You just kind of want to massage the oil into the chips on all sides so that they're completely rubbed in oil, but not drenched. And then you're going to put them onto a baking sheet. Okay, I've got the kale leaves all arranged on this baking sheet here, and I'm going to stick them into the oven, which has been preheated to 350. I'm going to check on the chips, it's been about eight minutes, and we'll see how they're doing. They're definitely getting pretty crispy, so I'm going to pull them out. As you can see, they're still green. They haven't turned black or brown anywhere. And, I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit of salt over the top, and then they'll be ready to eat. To chips. To chips. Family picnic. Alright, let's try these. They smell delicious. They're really good. Yeah. They go from done to overdone really fast, though. You have to watch them in the oven. Yeah. They're easy to burn. They're surprisingly delicious, actually. Good. I wonder if Domino will like them. At your own risk. Domino, you want some kale? He likes it. I think he's a vegetarian at heart. Alright, so I think the consensus from the whole family farm is that kale chips are a winner. Yeah, they are. They're good. The chickens liked it. The dog liked it, and I like it. And again, the saltiness and crunchability was top notch. Totally, and it's a good thing because we have tons of kale plants. Alright, well I can handle that. Yes. Well, we're glad you guys tuned in, and we hope you'll leave us some comments. You can also check in on my blog Diggin Food. We've got lots of recipes and other fun stuff up there. But more importantly, we hope you try the recipe, enjoy it, and we'll see you next time.

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