How to Work Out While Lying Down

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With the help of an exercise ball or other object to create resistance, you can work out your abdominals, triceps and other muscles while lying down. View a professional demonstration in this free video on personal fitness tips.

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Video Transcript

Hey, Billy Beck III here from Billy Beck III Personal Training Center in Weston South Florida. In this video, I'm going to answer the question how to work out while you're laying down. Now as a personal trainer I very rarely do this but if you're at home and for some reason you need to train in this manner here are a couple options, three in fact. I'm going to use a medicine ball. You can use anything that would be somewhat challenging to you. So first thing, lay down, then with your medicine ball or whatever you decide to use as resistance, there's a couple options. The first one is a standard crunch. Now you notice that the ball is over my abdomen which means there's not much resistance. If I move it up to my chin, more resistance. If I move it over my head, even greater resistance. Now the whole time what you can't see is I'm actively contracting my abdominals because those are the working muscles. I can just fall through it and not get much out of it but if I contract them both all the way up and all the way down I'm going to get more bang for my buck. The second movement is a press. So I'm going to put the ball here, press up and press down. Now as I'm pushing up, I'm not just holding the ball, I'm squeezing the ball. By squeezing the ball, I'm going to get more muscles firing, more muscles activated as I activate more muscles, I burn more calories. Just another bonus. Then I'm going to finish with a tricep movement for the back of the arms. I'm going to move my arms back, this is going to be the easiest version with the elbows straightforward and if I take my arms move them back just like with the crunch, this is going to be more challenging. So, that's three movements you can do to exercise while laying down. I'm Billy Beck III, get to it.


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