How Do I Exercise at Home With No Equipment?

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You can exercise at home no real equipment at all if you stick to tried-and-true favorites such as regular push-ups, military push-ups and other moves that make use of your body weight. Learn some "no tools required" techniques in this free video on personal fitness tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Personal Training Center here in Weston South Florida. In this video, I'm going to teach you how to work out at home without any exercise equipment. Now I do this with my mom so this is the actual work out program and this is just going to be three movements but really there's endless options. The first one is real simple, here's an island in a kitchen. When you do a push up, a lot of times if you do it on the floor, very challenging, some people can't do a regular push up. This is an easier option. You could do it against the wall or something like this but the higher up you are, the less challenging it is, the more you are closer to a regular military style push up, the more challenging it is. So all you're going to do stand with good posture, hands on something that's stable, down, and up. Now how many do you do? As many as it becomes challenging because challenge creates change, very simple. Next movement is we want to work the lower body after we do the upper body. You can grab on for something stable, of course, and then squat down to whatever is comfortable, pain free range of motion, hold that position and see how long you can do it. You can set the microwave timer if you're in the kitchen or you can just count to yourself. A good goal would be 30 seconds. Then the last one is we'll work your abs, just hop up on the counter, hopefully it's not too hot and then just bring your knees in and this is going to work the muscles on the top of your thigh, the hip flexors and also you're going to get some of your abdominals working as well. That's just three movements that you can do just with your body weight, anywhere, especially in your kitchen. I'm Billy Beck III and this has been how to work out at home without any exercise equipment.


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