How to Build Strength on Your Right Side by Exercise

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Unilateral exercise employing rows or curls allow you to build up the strength on one side of your body, as you'll see in this demonstration. Take it one side at a time with the help of this free video on personal fitness tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Personal Training Center here in Weston South Florida. In this video, I'm going to teach you how to build strength on your right side through exercise. Now, a lot of people will have a dominant side some more so than others. Now it could be due to some things that exercise is not going to correct and that could be like a nerve impingement, where the nerve, the message from the brain through the nerve is not getting the muscle so it's not getting the signal to be stimulated. So if that's the case you need to see a professional like a chiropractor or orthopedic or someone along that line. If it is not, if it's just a dominant right side or left side issue, then you can train unilateral movements, means one side of your body at a time and so in this video I'm going to talk about say the left side is the weaker side that needs to be strengthened in balance with the right. So we're going to do one arm at a time. This could be a row, this could be a curl. This could be any exercise, it could be my left leg compared to my right leg. I'm just going to use a chest press to demonstrate. Here I'm going to squeeze the muscle and if the muscle, I'm going to put my hand on the muscle with the other hand and if it feels like it's not tightening then I'm just going to tap it. This palpating is actually going to wake it up a little bit. It's used in muscle activation techniques to get it to go and then wake it up and then we can get the fire. Now here's the formula, three to one ratio. Three sets on the nondominant or weaker side to one set on the other one. You don't want to neglect either side but over time this will be the best way to balance it out. This is the same formula we use when someone's had say ACL repair. They're still going to, they're going to work that side more than the other side and allow it to come together over time to be balanced out. So if you want to balance this out, that's all you've got to do, three to one ratio. Make sure you have no nerve impingement and that's it. I'm Billy Beck III from Billy Beck III Personal Training Center in Weston South Florida and this has been how to build strength on your right side through exercise.


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