How Do I Repair Outdoor Solar Lights?

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Outdoor solar lights may be broken if they stop lighting up at night. Repair outdoor solar lights with help from a professional garden designer and landscape contractor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jane Gates from Gates & Croft Horticultural Design. We're going to talk about how to repair solar lights. Every now and again if you've got solar lights, they just stop collecting and that's a problem because they don't light up at night.There are usually two reasons, well there could be three. But we're going to talk about the first two reasons that you're going to have problems with your solar lights and they can be fixed. Those two reasons are that this little area here which is your solar collector, gets dirty and it's not collecting any solar energy. These work very simply on batteries. You just take off the top of your lamp and they're all slightly different. This one has a nice little supply of cobwebs in it. They'll likely do that because they are outside. It has a little bulb in there and it has two batteries. These little batteries collect the light from your solar collector. If this gets dirty or if they're in a shady area it doesn't collect enough energy, your light doesn't turn on. So, that's one way to fix it. The batteries themselves are very easily replaced. You just buy a new set, make sure you get the right kind of batteries. This one is the nickel cadmium battery. On my particular lights, you simply take out the batteries that exist here, slot in your new ones, you're good to go. Put your top right back on. Batteries usually last, you can plan on them lasting, let's see, usually between two and three years. And then they'll kind of give up on their own. The third problem that may happen with your lights is after a while, somehow, maybe the solar collector just starts getting used up. After a number of years, they may just plain wear out. But then you just buy some new ones. Keep the tops nice and clean, keep the batteries recharged and you've got great lights in your garden. Easy fixes, easy ways to repair your solar lights.


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