How to Compost Dog Waste

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Composting dog waste is eco friendly and can really help reinvigorate your yard. Compost dog waste with help from a professional garden designer and landscape contractor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jane Gates and we're going to talk about how to compost dog waste. If you have dogs you know that taking care of their waste can be a bit of a problem. The best way to do this and be eco friendly at the same time is to use a dog composter. There are all kinds of styles and sizes that are available. What you want to do first of all is you want to dig a hole and make sure that you have good drainage because the water has to be able to seep down. You're going to dig a hole, you may try it in several parts of your property, dig a hole probably around two feet deep. You will get with whatever brand you buy, you will get instructions but you're going to want to dig about two feet deep, then you're going to want to fill up about the bottom half of it with stones, with rocks. I suggest using fairly big ones, maybe two or three inch stones and that's going to be your drainage material. Then you fetch your doggy composter right on top, think in terms, the concept is like oh a can with a top on it and an empty bottom. So you fit that into your hole if you have a square hole or a round hole depending on what the style is you have, you slide it in. It has a cover. You open up the cover and to start it off you're going to collect a little bit of the contributions that your pets are going to give you, put them in there and you mix up enzymes that come with your, you can also buy them separately when you need more but they'll come with your composter. You mix them in usually in a one to five gallon container, make sure they're well you want to make sure that they're really well distributed in there because it's kind of a flaky material and pour it in on top of the contributions. Then, that's it, most of them, some of them request that you put in a little extra water with compost every month or two. Some of them will take you right through the season. Follow the directions, have your doggy composter there and all you have to do is just keep adding to it all the time, whatever your dogs are giving you, put it in there usually after a year or two years and some of them depending on the size it may take three years, you'll find after the Winter and you don't want to do composting after the temperatures drop under about 40 degrees because the enzymes that you've mixed in with the water will stop breaking everything down. So you can have, when you go back and look in there, maybe at the beginning of the Spring and you see it's pretty much full, you'll see that it's almost like a texture of moist sawdust and it has absolutely no smell at all and you can use this on your gardens but I want to warn you one thing. Dogs can carry parasites and other viral infections so do not use them near anything that's going to be edible or any place that you're going to have children. Now, sit, sit, Jane Gates again and those are a few tips on how to compost dog waste.


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