How to Care & Transplant a Yucca Plant

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Caring and transplanting a Yucca plant must be done to help make sure the plant grows as healthily as possible. Find out about how to care and transplant a Yucca plant with help from a landscape designer and horticulture writer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Marci Degman, The Aspiring Gardener, and today we're going to transplant and talk about caring for a Yucca. Now here I've got a little offshoot that I dug up from a larger plant. It's got a pretty good size root which is what you need. It should have a rhizome on it with some roots on it. If it's just a stem there's not enough there, but if you've got something, it will easily take root. Now the other thing I'm going to do before I plant it is clean it up a little bit. Now whether you're transplanting or whether you have a mature Yucca in the ground, every year there's going to be some brown leaves so just pull them off with the larger Yucca they might be a little bit more fibrous and you may have to take your scissors or a knife but you just cut away the brown foliage each year, usually in the Spring I clean them up. So today, I'm just going to take those off so it's nice. It's all ready to go. There's not much else you have to do to prepare it for transplant and I'm going to put it right here and the reason I've chosen this spot is because it's very sunny, it's hot and it's dry. Now Yucca like that kind of desert environment. They don't like wet soil. They'll rot, they also have to have a warm enough climate. I'm in zone 8 and I can grow this Yucca. This is Yucca Filamentosa or Adam's Needle. Some are much more tender so check the Yucca that you have and make sure that you can put it in the ground where you live. Now I don't normally fertilize Yucca or do much else but make sure that it's got a lot of sun. You see it's pretty dry here but I'm not concerned about loose soil. I'm more concerned about drainage than I am about the richness of the soil. So you can get away with this kind of a thing here. Now I'm just going to plant it right to the base of the crown. So I'm going to leave a little bit of that crown above the soil surface and I'm just going to break this soil up a little bit. It's not bad soil but it's just like I said very dry in this spot but that's what we want. Of course you'll want to water you know, occasionally the first year just because it's trying to get established but you never want it to be soggy. Yucca will probably be one of the easiest plants that you've ever grown unless you don't have the right climate for it. Now other than that, I do very little except just trim it up each year and let it grow and that's all you do to take care of a Yucca.


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