Hummingbird & Butterfly Garden Plans

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Hummingbird and butterfly gardens require a very specific mix of flowers and plants in order to be successful. Learn about hummingbird and butterfly garden plans with help from a landscape designer and horticulture writer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Marci Degman, the aspiring gardener, and today we're going to talk about hummingbird and butterfly plants. As you can see, I've got kind of a mix of flowers in here, and some are of course good for pollinators, butterflies, hummingbirds and they all come in. But there are certain ones that each likes better. Now, this is the Red Bee Balm. There's no other flower in my garden that they visit more. In fact, once they come in, if I've got nectar feeders, they go to them very little. So, if you have this, the opportunity to plant monarda didyma, Red Bee Balm, in your area, you definitely need this flower. This one gets a little bit of mildew later in the season. It's Cambridge Scarlet. So, if that's a problem, you can always try Jacob Cline, which is also red. It's a little bit taller but just as beautiful. Either way they're worth it because it's usually later in the season when the mildew comes. And it doesn't come back the net year. So, you just cut them back when they look bad. The number one butterfly plant in my garden is lavender, which is easy to grow. It's so nice. I love it for so many reasons. As you can see, bumble bees like it real well too. And all day long you can find the little tiny orange butter flies. And I also have a lot of Comb flowers which are not blooming yet. But that is the number one swallow tail butterfly plant I have. There are others that are really good, Jupiters Beard. This is Russian Sage which gets a purple spike and will also be an attracted. Over here I have liatris spicada which is Gayfeather, which is a purple spike also. So, I have a lot of purple flowers. Butterflies like purple, they like yellow. Hummingbirds like red. Now, once they come into your garden, they'll go to other things too. But what you want to do is put the red colors and the right types of plants to bring them in. And think of it as a habitat. If it's a little more crowded and little bit messier, it's going to look more like nature to animals and wild life. So, if you really want to have a lot of activity in your garden, don't try to be so perfect and so tidy, and you'll have a lot more hummingbirds and butterflies in your garden.


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