How Do I Make Spearmint Tea With Fresh Tea Leaves?

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To make spearmint tea with fresh tea leaves correctly, you must know what portions and water temperature to use, and how to steep the fresh leaves to perfection. Learn everything you need to know from this free video on harvesting and using edibles from your garden.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Marci Degman, the aspiring gardener, and today we're going to talk about making tea with fresh spearmint leaves. Now the main difference between using fresh leaves or using dried leaves is the strength of the mint. Whenever you dry a leaf, it becomes much more concentrated and of course it shrivels up so you're going to take a handful of died leaves, are going to be a lot more leaves than a handful of fresh. So, you want to double or even triple the amount of leaves that you use if you're going to make it with fresh tea. So what I have here is some spearmint that I've picked off of the plant earlier and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to pick them off and I'm just going to put them directly into the teapot and the reason I'm doing it this way is because this teapot actually has a screening portion where it allows only water to go through and nothing else so I don't even have to worry about an infuser with this teapot. If yours does not and you're afraid the leaves will go through, you'll want to use like a little infuser tea ball but I just put it directly into the pot and what you want to do is probably I would say just an estimate of a nice handful per cup so I'd put at least a couple handfuls if not more into this teapot. Now what I'm going to do is just pour the hot water right into the teapot, make sure your water is always boiling because if it's not hot enough it's not going to take the oils out of the leaves and just pour it into your teapot and I have about a half because I've got about enough tea leaves in there for a good cup. So just depending on how many people are having tea, I'm just going to sit this down in there and I'm going to probably leave it for maybe three to five minutes because fresh leaves do take longer to brew. So you're just going to take a little bit out, test it, see what it tastes like to you. Once it's just right you can add a little bit of honey or whatever sweetener you like and you've got fresh spearmint tea.


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