Chilean Pisco Sour

Daisy Martinez shakes up her favorite recipe for pisco sour, and shares tips for neutralizing the egg’s taste. This frothy favorite is a fun addition to any house party.

Video Transcript

Hola, I'm Daisy Martinez for Today, I'm going to turn you on to the best pisco sour recipe in the world. There's a long controversy, who makes the best pisco sour, Peru or Chile? I've had them in both countries, and I have to say, I'm a little biased, Chile wins. I'm going to making my take on pisco sour today, taught to me by the fabulous, well, she's my friend's mom, her name is Victoria. But in Chile, any woman who is fabulous, her name gets proceeded by a La, so she is La Vicky. So, La Vicky's pisco sour recipe. I have a half a cup of pisco and again, there's pisco from Chile and pisco from Peru. I'm going to do about a third a cup of lime juice, and I'm going to do about half a tablespoon of super fine sugar. Now, here's how my pisco sour differs from everybody else's. I have an egg white here, I'm going to add about half that egg white, because I'm only making two drinks. So, about half that egg white from a large egg. And you could actually let this sit for a while. A lot of times, you'll taste a pisco sour that tastes eggy, people like, this smells and tastes like egg. You kind of don't want that in a drink. So, you stir this around till the sugar melts. And the alcohol in the pisco and the lime juice kind of like, breakdown the egg white to get rid of that flavor. And then, we're going to add some ice. again, you can go ahead and make this an hour or two before your guests arrive. You might wonder, why you want to put egg whites in a cocktail. This is what makes the pisco sour so beautiful. Once we finish processing the drink, there's going to be a beautiful white foam of froth, almost, on top of the drink. That makes it really, really spectacular. Okay, let's see what that looks like, oof, it's looking like a party hole up in here, pisco sours, baby. This is Daisy Martinez and I'm having a party at

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