Classic Roast Chicken

Meat lover Josh Ozersky applies his finesse to the classic roast chicken. Learn the preparation steps behind this French cooking staple, with Josh’s signature flair.

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Hiya, I'm Josh Ozersky, and you're watching This is a chicken, it is not a very big one, but I'm going to eat the whole thing myself. I wanted to roast it up, it's not hard, I'm going to show you exactly how to do it. This chicken, I got it at the store, it is a fryer not a broiler. They call it that, because this is what is cut up to make fried chicken with. Although, in fact, the fried chicken you eat is usually even littler than this. I took the wrapping off, now I reach into the body cavity, always a nice moment. There's some kind of weird thing here, I get rid of that. What I'm going to do first, is I need to put something on it for the salt to stick to it. And also it'll make it nice ad crispy and brown. Because let's face it, the only thing that we all really want from a chicken, is the crusty skin. So, I got some of this oil here, this is Goya Spanish olive oil. Which I think is cheaper and better than most Italian olive oil in the super market. And I put some garlics in it and I put some peperoncini it. Alright, so, I'm going to pour a little of this over here. Like this, I'm going to rub it around. Maybe, what I'll do here, is I got some lemon, I've got to squeeze over it, like this, like this. By the way, important seems like it would be obvious. But when I was younger, I actually didn't figure out that this was the top and this is the bottom. This is the breasts, this is leg, the thigh, the wing. The stuff on the bottom is nothing but worthless back meat. So, it doesn't matter what happens to it. I am going to take a little bit of butter, because these little chickens, doesn't have a lot of chicken fat or schmaltz, as we call it. Feel like they can always add a little bit of fatness, a little bit of unhealthiness to it. So, I'm going to, I poke my finger under the skin, like this. Don't be afraid, it doesn't mind it one bit. And I'm going to shtup down a little, a little piece of butter under the skin. This is actually cool, because it has oil on it already, and now I'm going to add butter to it too. So, I'm going to take this piece here. You want to make sure that you kind of clear a little room for yourself. And then, I'm going to take this big piece of butter, I'm going to shtup in there, like that. You could even see it sticking out, it's like two eyes. Then, the all important, sacred, secret, central ingredient in all meat cookery, lots and lots of salt. You can almost not have enough. Salt there, a lot over here, there, a little bit down there. A little pepper too to go with it, not too much. So, I'm going to take the onion, I've got a onion here and I want to stick that in the middle. By the way, to peel an onion, very complicated, difficult, painful process. So, I just cheat, I cut in half, then I make this little slice here. And once I've done that, the whole onion skin just comes right off, badabing badaboom. Do with the other one too, I'll do it again. A little incision like that, then I just reach in and this just comes right out, like so. You never have to worry about peeling an onion again. Alright, so the onion goes in here, and I put in a little bit of onion. Did I put salt in? Oh, that's right, I did. Alright, so, now I'm going to get a little pan, like this. You'll notice what's not on this pan, I do not have a rack on this pan. There's no little baby fingerling potatoes, purple Peruvian tubers, there's no little pearl onions, fresh herbs. On the contrary, I'm taking the chicken, it goes onto the pan, the pan goes in the oven. That's a yeah, 375 degree oven, and I'm going to leave it there probably for about forty five minutes. Alright, so, here is my chicken, it is ready, my God, does that look good. By the way, in case you were wondering, how you know when a little roast chicken is done cooking. The idea is that you're supposed to prick in here, you see that juice flows out, that clear juice. That is exactly what you want to see and eat. There's a good repeat of Benson coming up, and I'm going to be watching it, with this, a plate of chicken. I'm Josh Ozersky, thank you for watching me, and check me out again on

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