DIY Grenadine

This sweet bar staple isn’t just for Shirley Temples. Grenadine, from the Spanish word for pomegranate, is easy to make at home. Mixologist and restaurateur Joe Campanale demonstrates how to add personalized pizzazz to your cocktails with homemade grenadine.

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Hi, I'm Joe Campanale. You're watching Today, we're going to make homemade grenadine syrup. Grenadine is a common sweetener that you see at every bar, and it's used for nonalcoholic cocktails and alcoholic cocktails, like the Tequila Sunrise. Usually, grenadine is store-bought, and contains all sorts of artificial colors, artificial sweeteners. If you look at the label, it sounds like a football game with red 42, and yellow 37. But, we're going to make the real deal, homemade grenadine. Now, grenadine comes from the word "grenada." It's a Spanish word that actually means "pomegranate." So, we start with pomegranate juice. I'll do one cup of pomegranate juice. And, you put the juice on the stove in a pot. And then, one cup of just granulated sugar. Now, you want to stir the sugar and the pomegranate juice until it fully dissolves. You know, grenadine is really great, because not only is it another alternate sweetener that you can use in a variety of cocktails, but it has this beautiful red color. So, it can add a little pizazz. Now, this is your opportunity to personalize your grenadine. I really like to add these hibiscus flowers. Add just enough to cover the top. And, a few sticks of cinnamon. Now, this might sound strange, but it adds a really great kick if you add just a few grinds of freshly ground black pepper. You know, vanilla goes really in this. If you want to add clove, or cinnamon, or allspice, any of that. Now, just let it simmer for a few minutes. You can stir it a couple of times. Now, you remove your pot from the heat, and when it's fully cooled down, you want to transfer it into a glass container. I like to use one of these plastic funnels to make sure it all gets in there, And, a strainer just to catch any of the spices that we've been infusing with. Now, once your grenadine is in your container, it'll last about a week in the refrigerator. So, you usually want to make this ahead of time for a party when you know you're going to use it. Something I like to do is give my Mimosas just a little bit more pop by adding homemade grenadine. So, this might be the simplest cocktail, but you start with orange juice, preferably fresh squeezed, and put it into a flute. And, add just a bit of sparkling wine. And then, if you top it off with a bit of grenadine, it really creates a beautiful presentation. Now remember, the best way to make a top quality cocktail is to use the freshest ingredients. And here, having homemade grenadine is, I think, one of the best ways to do that. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Joe Campanale for

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