15-Minute Tomato Sauce

Fresh and seasonal eating expert Louisa Shafia shows an fast and simple way to create a tomato sauce base that is not only a perfect complement to any pasta dish, but also adds tantalizing flavors to different grain dishes.

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Hi, I'm Louisa Shafia, on eHow.com. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a homemade, quick, fresh tomato sauce. I'm going to start out with some fresh tomatoes. I've got a little bit of garlic, onions and some anchovies here and I'm going to top it off with a few fresh herbs. So first I have my pan heating. I'm going to add some olive oil to the pan. I always like to be generous with my olive oil. Now I'm going to throw in my onions, got that nice sizzle going, that means my pan was hot. I'm going to let these soften in the pan and in with the onions I'm going to throw some chopped anchovies. Now it's a good idea to throw your anchovies in early when you're making tomato sauce because it gives them time to melt and really disintegrate into the sauce. So, if you have someone that's picky and doesn't like anchovies, they won't even be able to detect them in this sauce and I love adding anchovies to tomato sauce because it really gives it a nice salty base. It's really good for giving it a foundation of flavor. Okay so while that softens, I'm going to throw in a little bit of garlic. Next, I'm going to throw in my tomatoes. So all I did here was I cut my tomatoes in half. I scooped out the seeds because the seeds aren't really digestible and they just add a lot of water to your mix. So I scooped out the seeds and then I coarsely chopped my tomatoes. So you can see, these aren't finely chopped, no fancy knife work is required here, just coarsely chopped. Okay, so I'm going to add these tomatoes into my mix over here. Okay, so I add my tomatoes. I'm going to turn up the heat here a little bit. You really want to get this cranking. You really want to get everything boiling. And now I'm going to add some white wine. This is going to give this a nice flavor, a little bit of acidity to my mix here. So I'm going to let this come to a boil and then I'm going to let everything simmer for about 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes is really quick for a tomato sauce but that's all it takes. You can make a wonderful fresh tomato sauce yourself. Alright I'll come back to this in a minute. My sauce has been cooking over here for about 15 minutes so I'm going to check on it and it looks wonderful if I do say so myself. It looks thick, all the ingredients have really melted together. It's got a wonderful aroma, umm, so I'm going to season it with some salt, put a little bit of black pepper in here and that looks great. Now this is a wonderful foundation for a stew, for a soup, for anything you want to add to this. You could add shrimp in at the end. You could cook mussels in here. You could add beans, Cannellini beans would be great, chickpeas would be wonderful. This is a really versatile base for anything you want to do with tomatoes. Now I'm about ready to serve this but before I do I'm going to throw in a few fresh herbs. I have some basil here that I coarsely chopped and I'm throwing this in at the very end because basil does not need a long time to cook. I don't want to cook the perfume out of this. I just want to activate the flavors and that's it. I want this herb to keep its beautiful bright green color and for a change I'm going to put this pasta sauce over a whole grain instead of using pasta. You don't always have to serve tomato sauce with pasta. So today I've prepared some farrow, this is an ancient grain that goes all the way back to Roman times and it's a form of wheat. It's got a whole lot of protein in it and it's unprocessed. It's got a wonderful mild nutty flavor and it's a great change from pasta. You could use any whole grain that you'd like. You could use quinoa, millet, barley, really anything that you have around and this looks beautiful. I'm just going to top it off with some chopped parsley just for color and it's always good to have extra olive oil. I'll drizzle a little bit on here. It gives it a nice shine too, some salt and a little more pepper. This looks beautiful, umm, and it smells like Summer. I'm Louisa Shafia. Thanks for joining me. See you next time on eHow.com.

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