Quick and Easy Italian Affogato

Need a quick-fix dessert to "wow" your dinner-party guests? Pastry chef Heather Bertinetti mixes a few common household ingredients and creates the delicious Italian affogato, a coffee-based ice cream float with a dash of liquor.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching eHow.com. Today, I want to talk a little bit about what to do if you have those last minute dinner guests and you need a quick dessert. With three simple ingredients here that everybody should have, we're going to make magic happen in a blast. This is called the affogato. Affogato is the Italian name for drowned. How in American we have root beer floats, this is a little fancier version of a root beer float using coffee, an amaro and ice cream. So let's get to it. So I use about two scoops of vanilla ice cream. You can get creative with this part too and use whatever type of ice cream you'd like. I just prefer vanilla. So in the glass they go and next I have some coffee that we brewed super strong. If you don't have an Espresso machine you can always add some more granules to your coffee, make it a little bit stronger. Now we're going to pour it over our ice cream. It's beautiful. And now to top it all off, we're going to add a little bit of amaro. Amaro is Italian digestive. It's a little bitter and herbal, and it just finishes it very nicely. About half a shot will do, unless you like a lot of booze in it, in which case, drink at your own risk. And that's it, that's an Italian Affogato. I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching eHow.com. Catch me next time.

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