Three-Minute Hash Browns

With only three ingredients, the ultimate master of comfort food, Josh Ozersky, demystifies everyone’s favorite hard-to-replicate brunchtime treat, crispy homemade hash browns.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh Ozersky, and you're watching Rachael Ray's Buddies on I'm going to demonstrate hash browns. My hash brown recipe is so simple basically all you need is a potato, a box grater, butter, salt and a hot pan. Now I am not boiling the potato, I'm not even peeling the potato, I washed the dirt off but that was just as a favor to you. I'm going to turn on this fire here and I'm going to get the pan hot and I'm going to put some butter in it. I'm not clarifying the butter. I'm not mixing it with oil. I'm not using any kind of special other substance or whatever, I'm putting a fair amount of butter in, box grater potato. Key thing when you grate the potatoes you can't get greedy and try to fill the whole pan with them. The reason for that is that potatoes are filled with water and they are going to make steam. Steam is going to keep them from browning. You want to make a perfect lacy latticework of locha, like hash browns. So this is just enough, you'll note to create like a kind of a light network of potatoes. Now, very important, don't skimp on the salt. I have kosher table salt, I mean I have kosher salt here which is my all purpose, which is my all purpose seasoning and lifetime companion. So, in the one second it's taken me to talk to you about this, these are done. So basically I'm going to flip them like so and if you're especially skillful and you do it especially carefully the whole thing becomes one beautiful latticework and you can flip it around especially like if you use a Teflon pan which I don't. Not because I have anything against Teflon pans, it's just that I can never remember to use the plastic spatula so they get all scratched up and then I ingest all the dangerous molecules, oh my God, look at how delicious this is. It was already going to lose all of its moisture anyway but then when I added the, then when I added all the salt to it, it really shrinked up. Okay now I grab a plate, I put it here, I take the hash brown, put the biscuit in the basket and boom goes the dynamite. I have a nice plate of has browns. They are delicious. It is less than a third of one potato so you can eat it heartily without feeling that you're going to be gross and fat and be not fit for anything except has brown eating in the years to come, which is probably true anyway. I'll put a little bit more salt on it and those are your hash browns. I'm Josh Ozersky. Thanks for watching and watch me again on

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