How Do I Kill Little Bugs on House Plants?

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House plants will likely attract all sorts of little bugs throughout their life. Kill little bugs on house plants with help from the owner of a nursery in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Oscar Carmona from Healing Grounds by Dynamic Nursery located in Goleta, California. And now I want to talk to you about how to deal with insects, unwanted insects on your houseplants. Basically insects will infect your houseplants for a couple of reasons. The plants are generally stressed for some reason or another, whether it is because there isn't a sufficient airflow, there hasn't been enough fertilizer given to the plants, they're lacking water or have too much water. And so, all of these things can cause stress. And when the plant is under stress, then it's more susceptible to infestations from the unwanted insects. So, when you have an infestation of insects on your plants, the ways to deal with those insects; first of all is to strengthen the plant. What I strongly recommend by correcting the conditions that have created the stress to begin with, that's the long term solution. In the short term, you can, if it's mealy bugs or white fly, the way to deal with those situations, is to... you can pick those insects off by hand if you choose. Another thing is to spray with soap, detergent.And there's a product called insecticidal soap which really works very well. It's a strong form of dish washing soap basically. And that helps to coat the... what it does is it coats the body of the insect and effectively suffocates it. And it's nontoxic. So, it's really a good product to use in an indoor environment, especially if you have children and pets around. This is Oscar Carmona, and I just spoke to you about killing pests that infect your indoor plants.


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