How Do I Apply Costume/Halloween Makeup?

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Halloween costumes and makeup start with a few basic techniques. Create a great Halloween look with the help of a professional makeup artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I'm a Makeup Artist of five years. This tutorial is how to apply costume and Halloween makeup. With this tutorial you're going to need a small sponge applicator, cream costume makeup and a crease brush, a thick black creamy eyeliner, the blush brush with a tiered edge and bronzer. The key to any Halloween costume, face makeup or stage makeup is to start with a great white creamed costume makeup. Right now, you don't have to do much worrying with the strokes because later on we're going to do the blending. So now, you just want to get a general coverage of the entire face. "Okay, I'm going to have you turn a little bit more towards me." A little bit in the nose, some blending. "Open your eyes for me." And we're going to do patting; this is good for a dead face, an old face, a zombie, even a vampire. I'm going to start thickly along the lid; everything is exaggerated. That is how the costume makeup works. "Turn towards me a little bit. Look up a little bit." So, we're going to get under the eye here, and I'm just doing patting; a little bit of brush strokes here and there, but mostly light pats. "I'm going to have you face me a little bit more. Close your eye." Very nice. "So this time, I'm going to have you look up, perfect." A little under the eye. So, we're going to take a thick creamy liner, "Close your eyes please." And as I said, everything's in it's exaggeration. So, we've already deepen the eye sockets by using a darker color than what we have painted the face. Now, we're going to apply the same technique but to the hollow of the cheeks. So, what I'm going to have my model do is sucked in her cheeks; perfect and we are going to follow that natural line. So, it's the same color that I've actually used for the darkening of the eyes. Only now I have my tiered blush brush. "Okay, I'm going to have you turn one more towards me, done with the other cheek, sucked in; thank you." And then, we're going to line her hairline. "You can relax your cheeks my dear." "Turn that way." This is also a great look for a skull. But, with the skull, you would probably want to use a darker color 'cause what I'm using is a bronze and that's more for the dead look. "Towards me." I'll just end this with some wrinkles around the eye, "Towards me". So, just scraggly little lines. "Turn this way." Thanks for watching. My name is Courtney Gomez, and this was how to apply costume and Halloween makeup.


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