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  • How Does Google Earth Obtain Close Up Satellite Pictures of Homes?

    When Google acquired the digital-mapping corporation Keyhole in 2004, it promised to give Internet users the opportunity to “fly like a superhero from your computer at home to a street… Read More

  • The Best Settings for Shareaza

    Shareaza sets itself apart from other peer-to-peer file sharing programs by working with media content providers, such as record labels, to offer legal and authorized file sharing. The application features… Read More

  • Why Is Skype Using So Much RAM?

    Skype is a free software service that allows users to chat in real-time and make voice calls over the Internet. The service is so widely used, it was once the… Read More

  • How to Convert Several Media Files on VLC

    VLC Media Player is an open source media-playback program released under a GNU public license. It has the capacity to play a wide variety of audio and video files. It… Read More

  • Tweetdeck Schedule Errors

    Social networking, while good for business and personal use, can get overwhelming. With Twitter, you can end up with thousands of followers and the need to send out multiple tweets,… Read More

  • How to Send Bulk Email From Thunderbird

    Thunderbird works well for sending dozens of email messages in bulk, and you can use it to send hundreds of messages as well. Use a mailing list to send bulk… Read More

  • Adding a Google Calendar to Rainmeter

    Rainmeter is a highly configurable application for displaying system and Web-based information on your desktop, such as your CPU usage and temperature, your email inbox, specific RSS feeds and your… Read More

  • How to Convert 7Z to MP3

    Convert the contents of a file in 7-Zip or "7Z" format to MP3 to listen to a series of sound files someone has sent you in 7-Zip format. A software… Read More

  • How to Use Admin Token in TS 3

    TeamSpeak 3, or TS 3, is a voice over IP, or VoIP, tool that allows people to communicate with other users on a chat channel. Users usually use headsets with… Read More

  • How to Change Printer Settings in Google Chrome

    In Google Chrome, access the print settings menu via the Print Preview screen, which you can open by pressing "Ctrl-P" or by selecting the menu button, marked with three horizontal… Read More

  • How to Format a Controller for the PCSX2

    PCSX2 is a computer program capable of emulating your original PlayStation2 video games. Moreover, it supports a wide range of user-created content typically found free over the Internet. To help… Read More

  • How to Use Layers in KompoZer

    KompoZer is a popular, Web page-editing software. The software has many built-in features to aid in page design, including layers. Layers allow users to move elements around the page and… Read More

  • How to Extract an FLT

    Files like FLT that have been compressed into an archive format like RAR or ZIP make it so you won't be able to use them until you decompress the file.… Read More

  • How to Color Your Paltalk Nick Green

    Paltalk is a cross-platform program that has versions available for both Windows and Mac. The program allows you to chat in a text chat room as well as using video… Read More

  • How to Change a "Rakion" Screen

    "Rakion" is an online multiplayer computer game where you fight against other players all over the world. The game lets you control one of various classes, such as mage, archer… Read More

  • How to Import a PFX File

    The file format PFX is a security certificate file, used to determine the authenticity of a particular web server, person or device. It lets users know whether the website is,… Read More

  • How to Access Add-Ons

    Multiple factors determine which browser you use, including appearance, speed, compatibility and additional capabilities through the use of extensions or add-ons. All major browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome… Read More

  • How to Run .Bin on ePSXe

    The computer emulation program ePSXe is capable of running your original PlayStation game discs and freely distributed projects found over the Internet. It can run most games with little or… Read More

  • How to Download Multiple Files Using IDM

    IDM is an acronym for the Internet Download Manager. The Internet Download Manager is a shareware program for Windows that is obtained from shareware sites such or, or… Read More

  • How to Use Cyberduck

    You can transfer files from your computer onto a server by using File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, which has many programs that help you transfer and upload files. Cyberduck is… Read More

  • How to Convert Dexis Files From DEX to JPEG

    Dexis is a computer program designed to work with digital X-rays of teeth. Dexis X-ray files aren't in an image format that other programs can easily open. If you have… Read More

  • How to Read an AZW File

    The AZW file format is a proprietary eBook format of Internet retailer Amazon for use on its Kindle reading devices. If you have an AZW file on your computer, you… Read More

  • How to Rewind on ZSNES

    ZSNES is a video-game emulator available for multiple operating systems. It primarily focuses on the emulation of Super Nintendo games, as well as community-based titles released over the Internet. A… Read More

  • How to Get Rid of Freenet

    The Freenet Project is a way to share files within a group with anonymity. Once you have downloaded the software, it uses some of your computer's disc space. These files… Read More

  • How to Install .WIM

    "WIM" stands for Windows Imaging Format file. This format is a disc image type used to store multiple other disc images into one file. Disc image files are electronic backups… Read More

  • How to Use IrfanView to Remove an Embedded Date on Digital Pictures

    Some digital cameras and smartphone cameras embed a date in the image file when you take a photo. When you upload the image to a social networking site or email… Read More

  • How to Fix an Unrecognized File Format on a Camera

    If you're trying to view a picture on your digital camera, and it's telling you that the file format is unrecognized, this could mean that you have to convert the… Read More

  • How to Make Pictures Using Numbers & Letters

    When you make pictures using characters like letters and numbers on your keyboard, it's known as "ASCII art." You can generate your own ASCII art pictures by using some free… Read More

  • How to Play DCF Files

    DCF is a type of DRM file. This means that it's a music or other kind of media file that's been locked so it can't be played outside of the… Read More

  • How to Make Two Pictures Morph Together

    If you have two pictures that you want to combine together into a single photo, you can do so using some free tools online that are designed for that purpose.… Read More

  • How to Take Screenshot in "Aion"

    "Aion" is a multiplayer, role-playing game that you play as one of two different races of winged people. The game features battles on land and in the air with a… Read More

  • How to Install Multiple DOSBox Floppies

    DOSBox is a cross-platform freeware application used to run DOS-based software from the 1980s and 1990s on today's computers. Occasionally, users want to install a program that was originally released… Read More

  • How to Reset DOSBox

    Almost every parameter DOSBox uses to run DOS-era software can be configured by the user. DOSBox configuration takes two forms: keymapping and general configuration. Keymapping establishes which keys will control… Read More

  • How to Use DOSBox Config

    In most cases, DOSBox will run properly using the default configuration file that it creates when first loaded. Occasionally, a user needs to get "under the hood" and change specific… Read More

  • How to Convert .SAM Files

    The file format called SAM is a type of text file. It was originally used by a program called Samna Amni Pro, which later became Lotus Word Pro. If you… Read More

  • How Can I Download "Talking Tom" to My PC?

    Talking Tom Cat is an application for Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It displays a virtual pet that responds to your touch commands and repeats voice… Read More

  • How to Tunnel a Utorrent

    The program uTorrent allows you to download files from other users online through Torrents. The problem is that using Torrents isn't very private; anyone who connects to you can see… Read More

  • How to Make a Mashup Song in Movie Maker

    A "mashup" song is two or more songs that are combined together into a single file. These are often made into videos using a video clip or image in Windows… Read More

  • How to Move Evernote Files to Google Docs

    Evernote and Google Docs offer free versions of file storing and backup software. Evernote, a free software download available for computers, cellphones and tablets, stores files and syncs them between… Read More

  • How to Send an SMS From Adium

    Adium is a desktop instant messaging application for the Mac OS X operating system. The Adium client allows you to connect to a variety of instant messaging networks including AOL… Read More

  • How to Make an MP4 Smaller

    MP4 is the main video format used by portable devices known as MP4 players. If you need to compress an MP4 file to make it easier to store and transport,… Read More

  • How to Log Into Steam Offline

    Steam is an online gaming platform that allows you to link different games with your account login for easy access. You do not need the CD in the drive to… Read More

  • How to Get a Widescreen View for DOSBox

    DOSbox allows users to play games that were originally meant to run under MS-DOS on computers that are operated by newer versions of Windows. The DOSbox screen automatically opens to… Read More

  • How to Re-Enable a Disabled Steam Account

    Steam is an online gaming platform that allows you to manage your games, both online and offline. Once you create a Steam account and link your CD keys with your… Read More

  • How to Highlight One Line in MS Word

    Microsoft Word is the native word processing program for Windows. This means that Word often comes packaged with Windows computers. If you're typing a document in Word, you may need… Read More

  • How to Activate Free Trials

    A free trial is a period typically ranging from one week to one month during which an interested user can test drive a piece of computer software or an online… Read More

  • How to Convert Excel to JPEG for Free

    The program Microsoft Excel is a native piece of software that allows you to create spreadsheets. If you want to convert a particular spreadsheet into a JPEG image you can… Read More

  • How to Convert JPF to JPG

    A JPF file is an outdated file extension that is known as a JPEG 2000 image. The files that have these types of extensions were created before the release of… Read More

  • How to Remove Ghostscript

    Ghostscript is a program that lets you interact with file extensions like PDF, PCX, GIF, MIFF and others. If you want to remove Ghostscript from your computer, it isn't a… Read More

  • How to Watch Flash With a Proxy

    Many organizations like colleges, businesses, and so on limit website use on certain sites such as those that play Flash videos like YouTube. One method for unlocking blocked sites in… Read More

  • How to Activate Steam Games With No Internet

    Steam is a service that allows you to purchase computer games and download them from the Internet. The program normally runs while you're online, giving you extra options for playing… Read More

  • How to Turn On Subtitles

    Subtitles refer to the text that plays at the bottom of a video in time with dialogue from characters in the movie. They help you understand a movie if it's… Read More

  • How to Use a Time Stopper

    Time Stopper is a free program for Windows that will stop any software trial time so you can use the program indefinitely. Time Stopper works with any executable (.exe) file… Read More

  • How to Uninstall a Perfect Uninstaller

    Perfect Uninstaller is a freeware Uninstaller program used by users as an alternative to Windows' own uninstaller program. It may also be used when Windows' own uninstaller program fails to… Read More

  • How to Make Bootable Disk From an ISO Using ImgBurn

    An ISO image file is an archival format used to create exact copies of a CD or DVD. This unalterable ISO file must already be a snapshot of a bootable… Read More

  • How to Play an SMC File on a PC

    Files that end in .smc are Super Nintendo Entertainment System files. They allow you to play SNES games using your computer by using an emulator, which acts as the system.… Read More

  • How to Create a Writable ISO Image File

    ISO is a virtual-disc format. ISO files are backups of real, physical CDs and DVDs. You can create a writable ISO, that is, one you can then burn to a… Read More

  • How to Install "Reason 4" Without a DVD

    Reason is an audio program that is capable of performing a variety of tasks, such as working as a drum machine or synthesizer, using samples and adding special effects and… Read More

  • How to Access Mobile Sites on a PC

    To view the mobile-version of a website using your computer, use a WAP emulator. The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is an emulator tool that lets you simulate another device, such… Read More

  • How to Set Up Google Chrome & Firefox on Your Computer

    Featuring libraries of add-ons and extensions for customization, compatibility with HTML 5 and customizable skins, Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome Web browsers are supported on most operating systems. Both of… Read More

  • How to Copy & Paste One Picture on Another

    If you want to add one picture to another in order to combine two pictures into a single file, you can do so using the free native program Microsoft Paint.… Read More

  • How to Merge Two Partitions Using Hiren's Boot CD

    You are going to need a way to merge partitions if your computer is partitioned and one of your drives is running out of space -- but another drive on… Read More

  • How to Remove a User From Dropbox

    Dropbox is a service that lets you share files with other people. It does so by creating a shared folder you can drop files into. This allows different users to… Read More

  • Free Alternatives to GoToMyPC

    GoToMyPC is software that can be used to remotely connect to a machine. A remote desktop connection allows you to see and interact with a computer from another device. GoToMyPC… Read More

  • How to Block Google Analytics in Firefox

    Webmasters love Google Analytics, which tracks statistics that help them better manage their sites: frequency of visits and time of day, browser used, sections of the website most visited and… Read More

  • How to Cut a Picture Using Paint

    Microsoft Paint, a drawing and editing program, is usually pre-installed on all computers running a Windows operating system. The program is virtually identical version to version. If you want to… Read More

  • How to Find Out Who Is Emailing Me

    If you want to find out information about who has been sending emails you've been receiving, then you may want to learn the sender's IP address, which is a series… Read More

  • Free Mac Solitaire Games

    The term "solitaire" refers to a series of one-person card games that require concentration and strategical thinking to win. First popular in the early 19th century in France, solitaire moved… Read More

  • How to Install ARES for Free

    ARES is a free P2P program. P2P stands for "person to person," and it means a program that lets you freely share files with other users. ARES allows you to… Read More

  • How to Rename Photos From Folders

    If you want to rename multiple photos from folders all at once, you can make this happen with built-in controls in Windows. This allows you to change the individual file… Read More

  • How to Cancel a Sent Message

    Sometimes you might accidentally send an email before it's ready, or to a user you didn't intend to receive it. If you've already sent an email with a program native… Read More

  • How to Uninstall a Coupon Activator

    A coupon activator, or similar program allows you to print working coupons and use them at the store. Some of these programs download and install on your computer normally, and… Read More

  • How to Delete Certain Items in My Favorites

    Your "Favorites" section in Internet Explorer is a place to store Internet websites that you want to keep track of so you can return to them later. Favorite sites that… Read More

  • How to See If a Proxy Is Working

    Your IP address is a series of numbers used to identify you on the Internet. A proxy is a way to hide your IP address online. Enter a particular website… Read More

  • How to Launch Minecraft.jar

    The file format JAR is a type of archive. It stands for "Java Archvie," and it stores other files inside of itself. If you want to launch Minecraft, you'll need… Read More

  • How to Replace the Music the "Need for Speed Carbon" Has for PC

    The video game Need for Speed: Carbon allows you to drive sports cars in various races against other drivers. You can develop a particular car and upgrade it as the… Read More

  • How to Add Games to MeBoy

    MeBoy is a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator, which means that it's a computer program designed to play electronic copies of Gameboy games. Meboy specifically can play these games on… Read More

  • How to Convert Karaoke CDG to MP3G

    Karaoke CD+Gs are Karaoke CDs that have both MP3 music and karaoke graphics on them that allow you to see the words to each song play across a monitor. To… Read More

  • Is There Free Software for Tracking Emails?

    Email tracking helps you figure out whether or not someone received your email, opened it or clicked on any of the links within the email body. You can use software… Read More

  • How to Create a WebCal

    If you are looking for a simple and free way to integrate a calendar into your website, WebCalendar, or WebCal, is a popular option. The Web-based calendar application allows you… Read More

  • How to Upload Free Movies

    Your portable video device can get free movies on it from places like Facebook, YouTube or various free movie sites online. If you download a free movie with a phone… Read More

  • How to Extract the Audio from a DVD

    If you want to listen to the audio portion from a particular DVD on a portable device such as an MP3 player, you'll need to extract the file you want… Read More

  • How to Transfer Voice Memos From a Phone

    Voice memos are audio recordings you make with your phone to save a phone conversation or something that you say out loud that you want to remember later. If you… Read More

  • How to Update the Server List in eMule Plus

    eMule is a free Microsoft Windows-based peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program, enabling users to download or share software programs, audio files, video files, pictures, word documents and other files. How fast… Read More

  • How to Optimize Shareaza Settings

    Shareaza is a peer-to-peer file-sharing client that incorporates a large set of options and features the ability to connect to multiple types of file-sharing networks. One of the most common… Read More

  • How to Convert to DDS

    The DDS file format stands for "Direct Draw Surface." It's an image format designed for use with the DirectX video program. If you have images in standard formats like JPG,… Read More

  • How to Find a Hidden Password

    Many programs that are available on the Windows operating system, as well as the operating system itself, can be easily password-protected. Using password protection can help prevent unauthorized access to… Read More

  • How to Bypass Password Rescue & Recovery

    Some Lenovo and IBM laptops have an extra blue button on the keyboard for recovery purposes. When you press the key, your laptop loads a set of recovery tools that… Read More

  • How to Convert TPL

    The file extension TPL stands for "template." It's a text file used in many different applications and programs. It essentially saves certain settings used in the program and serves as… Read More

  • How do I Configure Tor for FrostWire?

    Tor is a freeware program to help protect the user's identity and activities on the Internet and provide anonymity while browsing. It helps mask what programs you're using online, if… Read More

  • How to Open a Siemens Gigaset

    The Siemens Gigaset is a cordless phone designed for use in your home or office. If you want to change the battery or any other internal component of a Gigaset,… Read More

  • How to Make Shareaza Faster

    Shareaza is file-sharing software that allows you to download music, movies, games and other files from other users online. Different factors can slow down Shareaza's connection speeds such as the… Read More

  • How to Change Your Phone Version

    The "firmware" on a phone determines in part what version your phone has. You can change this version by upgrading the firmware through the website for the manufacturer of the… Read More

  • How to Get Cool Cursors

    You can brighten up or animate your computer cursor easily with free downloads online. There are thousands of options to choose from; even left and right hand cursors are available… Read More

  • How to Use Proxy With Ares

    Ares is a P2P file-sharing program that users can download for free online enabling them to download audio, software, videos, Word documents, images and other forms of media. Users can… Read More

  • How to Bypass Winzip Passwords

    WinZip passwords can only be recovered through password cracking tools. There are several options available for this process. The time taken by these programs depends on the type of password… Read More

  • How to Add Your Own Apps to Portable Apps

    Portable Apps is an open-source application launcher that allows you to run programs right from your flash drive. The launcher comes with a full suite of applications pre-installed. If you… Read More

  • How Do I Add Bookmarks in Opera?

    The method for creating a browser bookmark doesn't vary much between browsers. Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox all produce a bookmark dialog box for the current page when you… Read More

  • Speech-to-Text Converter Freeware

    Many people wish they had a faster way to create text documents than typing. Speech-to-text shareware can help you do this by dictating or recording your voice, then turning speech… Read More

  • How to Download Songs From Kannada Audio

    Kannada Audio is a free online song portal that allows users to download various types of music, such as classical, children, patriotic, folk, soundtracks, karaoke and instrumental. Songs from Kannada… Read More

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