• How to Make a Boatswain Mate Lanyard

    A boatswain's lanyard holds a small whistle used to call directions and signal the crew. The lanyard becomes a sentimental article and should reflect the team colors or the boatswain's… Read More

  • How to Install Boat Oars & Locks

    Rowing is still one of the most crucial aspects of boating. Even motorboats often come with oars and oarlocks in case of mechanical failure. Whether installing oars and oarlocks on… Read More

  • Requirements to Row in College

    Rowing is one of the oldest intercollegiate sports in the United States. College rowers are generally divided into two classes, junior and masters, and two divisions, lightweight and regular, and… Read More

  • Coxswain Requirements

    An essential non-rowing position on the crew team, the coxswain sits at the back of the boat and guides the rowers through the race. Working with verbal commands, it is… Read More

  • How to Build a Rowboat

    If you like making things, then you'll enjoy building a rowboat. A rowboat takes many hours, lots of patience and quite a bit of room to build, but many people… Read More

  • How to Train for Rowing

    Proper training for rowing requires that you combine work on technique with strength and endurance workouts. For best results, split your time in the boat with dry land workouts. Read More

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