Martial Art Techniques

  • How to Chi Block

    Chi is an Asian concept -- also referred to as qi, ki, or prana -- that references the electrical energy emitted from a living being. Chi exists in western culture… Read More

  • Wrist Locks, Pressure Points and Quick Strikes in Martial Arts

    Detailed knowledge of human musculoskeletal structure, function and vulnerability allows martial artists to neutralize attackers using precision and leverage. Methods devised exclusively for self-defense allow a defender to compromise the… Read More

  • How to Lose Weight for Muay Thai

    Muay Thai is a fierce martial art, a form of kickboxing emphasizing power, strength and cardiovascular development. For practitioners it's as much a lifestyle as a form of fighting. As… Read More

  • How to Wrap Feet for Kickboxing

    Learning how to wrap feet for kickboxing is a key in getting the best of your opponent. Wrap feet for kickboxing with help from a distinguished martial arts professional in… Read More

  • Bodhidharma Exercises

    Originally from South India, Bodhidharma ventured to China in 520 A.D. to spread Buddhism. Because the Chinese emperor was not yet ready to embrace Zen principles, Bodhidharma journeyed north. He… Read More

  • Knife Sparring in Filipino Martial Arts

    The Filipino martial arts are made up of the styles of arnis, eskrima and kali. Filipino martial artists typically begin their training with sticks and then progress to knives. The… Read More

  • How to Change the Sandbags in a Punching Bag

    Many boxing bag manufacturers fill standard heavy bags with sand because it is dense enough to anchor the unit and yield enough to safely absorb the impact of strikes. Swapping… Read More

  • Jujitsu Methods

    In the world of martial arts, one letter can make all the difference in the world. Such is the case with Jujitsu. This is the traditional version that was developed… Read More

  • UFC Work Out & Diet

    In his 2008 book “Training for Warriors,” top MMA coach Martin Rooney recommends splitting your weekly MMA training into four sessions. On Mondays and Fridays you'll work the upper body… Read More

  • The Best Martial Arts for Restraining Someone Bigger Than You

    When it comes to self-defense, it’s smart to assume that your attacker will be bigger and stronger than you are. Unlike wrestling matches, real-life fights are not restricted by weight… Read More

  • Kung Fu Sparring Tips

    Kung fu sparring is used very sparingly in martial arts and is used only as a supplement to other training methods such as forms and muscle conditioning. Different kung fu… Read More

  • Basics of Kali Filipino Martial Arts

    If you really want to “stick it” to an assailant, Filipino martial arts are for you. Kali is a western name given to traditional Filipino stick-based martial arts, but in… Read More

  • The Five Levels of Tai Chi

    Tai chi is often described as a moving meditation or a form of low-impact exercise that lowers stress and reduces symptoms of aging. The practice, that began as a Chinese… Read More

  • What Are the Dangers of Punching Bags on Shins?

    No matter how hard you work on your striking technique, you aren't going to pack real power until you put it to the test against the heavy bag. While heavy… Read More

  • What Workouts Do the WWE Wrestlers Use?

    WWE wrestlers put their bodies in harm's way every day. Find out what workouts WWE wrestlers use with help from a champion NCAA wrestler and mixed martial artist in this… Read More

  • Navy SEAL Fighting Styles

    Navy SEAL fighting styles often require you to begin from an engaging position. Find out about Navy SEAL fighting styles with help from a champion NCAA wrestler and mixed martial… Read More

  • About Wu Style Tai Chi Exercise

    Tai chi is a form of moving meditation that is also a martial art. If you become a practitioner of tai chi, you will learn how to increase your vitality… Read More

  • Teep Vs. Front Kick

    In Muay Thai, the front kick is known as a teep but it differs from the front kicks used in other martial arts like karate or taekwondo. Both of these… Read More

  • Martial Arts Horse Stance for Leg Strength

    To generate maximum power in martial arts moves, you need to strengthen your quads and hips -- the largest muscle group in the body. In Western sports, you tend to… Read More

  • What Is the Meaning of Karate Belts?

    Karate belts have a color that signifies what stage of training you are in. Find out about the meaning of karate belts with help from an experienced Mixed Martial Arts… Read More

  • Kung Fu Demonstrations

    Sometimes seeing a demonstration is a great way to help learn Kung Fu techniques. See Kung Fu demonstrations with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video… Read More

  • The Art of Taoist Tai Chi

    Taoist Tai-Chi was created by a monk named Chung-Sun-Fung in the 12th century. Learn the art of Taoist Tai Chi with help from a world champion martial artist in this… Read More

  • Taekwondo Spinning Heel Kick

    The spinning heel kick in Tae Kwon Do must be accomplished in a very specific way. Learn how to do a Tae Kwon Do spinning heel kick with help from… Read More

  • How to Block a Kick With Krav Maga

    Krav Maga requires you to block a kick in a very specific way. Learn how to block a kick with help from a member of the Krav Maga Federation in… Read More

  • How to Loosen a Balisong

    A balisong, which is also commonly referred to as a butterfly knife, is a knife whose blade is housed in parallel sheaths that are hinged at the base of the… Read More

  • Chi Blocking Pressure Points

    Chi is the internal energy that circulates through the body, according to many eastern martial arts and medical traditions. A skilled martial artist can limit or incapacitate his opponent by… Read More

  • Specification for Nunchucks

    Nunchucks, derived from the Japanese for “identical sections,” are wooden weapons used in many martial arts systems. Some stories claim that Japanese peasants first used nunchucks as rice harvesters or… Read More

  • How to Make Sap Gloves

    Sap gloves are special gloves that are used by martial artists. They are also popular with law enforcement and security personnel. These gloves are weighted so that they add force… Read More

  • What Pressure Points Can Kill You

    Pressure points are areas on the body that are vulnerable to attack or manipulation. In these areas nerves cross with one another to go in separate directions. Manipulating a pressure… Read More

  • How to Become a Swordsmith

    Swordsmithing, or the art of forging a sword, is an ancient tradition that has been passed down through generations. In Japan, swordsmiths are regulated by law and must apprentice with… Read More

  • Blocking Techniques in Arnis

    "Arnis" is an umbrella term used in the names of many different styles of Filipino martial arts, which can also be referred to as "escrima" or "kali." All of these… Read More

  • What Are the Rings on the Chinese Broadsword For?

    The sword's rings slink and click in a choreographed Chinese Wushu exhibition. The acrobatic dance laced with deadly moves is enhanced by the jingling of the nine-ring Chinese broadsword. The… Read More

  • How to Throw a Throwing Spike

    The Japanese bo shuriken, or throwing spike, is a relatively little-known throwing knife with a long and somewhat mysterious history. Modern knife throwers incorporate it into their arsenal and use… Read More

  • Brazilian Jujitsu Techniques

    Brazilian Jujitsu is a martial arts type comprised of many different techniques designed for different situations. Learn about Brazilian Jujitsu techniques with help from a black belt and certified martial… Read More

  • How to Install Stripes on a Jiu Jitsu Belt

    Both Brazilian jiu jitsu and the more classic Japanese jiu jitsu use colored belts to indicate how much a student has learned. In Brazilian jiu jitsu, you must receive a… Read More

  • How to Teach Myself Ninjitsu

    Ninjitsu is a martial art and guerrilla warfare practiced by the ninja, or the shinobi, who were highly trained spies, infiltrators and assassins in feudal Japan from approximately 1185 to… Read More

  • How to Get Out of a Standing Choke Hold

    Escaping chokeholds is part of many self-defense techniques. Choke holds can be done from the ground or from a standing position. The two simple types of standing choke holds are… Read More

  • How To: Pressure Point Knockout

    Pressure points refer to weak places in human anatomy where a person is vulnerable and where great damage can be accomplished with little effort. To knock out someone quickly, you… Read More

  • How to Make My Knuckles Harder

    Developing harder knuckles won't improve the strength of your punches. Conditioning knuckles "may keep you from getting a scratch on your knuckles during a fight, but that's all," writes Tom… Read More

  • How to Break Fingers for Self Defense

    Being attacked by an aggressive individual that is physically superior to you can be intimidating and dangerous. When confronted by an attacker, you should always look to create an opening… Read More

  • How to Be a Good Swordsman

    Swordsmanship has been both a popular sport and means of defense for hundreds of years. Since the 19th century, good swordsmanship has mostly been achieved by practice with fencing, though… Read More

  • How to Take Down a Guy Twice Your Size

    Standing 5-foot-7 and weighing just 135 pounds, martial artist and actor Bruce Lee demolished the idea that a good big man will always beat a good small man. Of course… Read More

  • Modern Arnis Techniques

    Modern arnis is a Filipino martial art that was developed by Professor Remy Amador Presas, according to the Hilliard Martial Arts Center. Modern arnis teaches techniques that can be performed… Read More

  • How to Beat Someone Bigger than You in Jiujitsu

    You can beat someone bigger than you in jiujitsu if you focus on certain positions such as guard positions that don't allow the opponent to bring his weight down on… Read More

  • What Is a Tonfa?

    The Tonfa is a fighting stick invented by Japanese farmers around A.D. 1200. Originally fashioned from the handle of a grinding stone for wheat, the Tonfa consists of an 18-inch-long… Read More

  • SEAL Fighting Techniques

    Navy SEALS -- the special operations forces of the United States Navy -- receive training in all combat disciplines. SEALS develop proficiency with multiple weapons systems, transport vehicles and personal… Read More

  • What is a Kubotan?

    The kubotan is a small stick used for self-defense. Many martial arts implements are centuries old, but the kubotan was developed in the 20th century by Takayuki Kubota, who created… Read More

  • How to Make Household Ninja Weapons

    Nunchucks and throwing stars are staples of the ninja's toolkit. If you want to be a ninja but can't afford the "weapons" necessary, don't despair. You can make your own… Read More

  • How to Learn Kenjutsu Online

    Finding good places to learn Kenjutsu online can be difficult, and it can seem almost impossible to learn the martial art without physical instruction. Kenjutsu is a Japanese martial art,… Read More

  • Tai Chi Balance Exercises

    Tai Chi exercises can help you with balance, which is essential for everyday activities such as walking and standing. Find your Tai Chi center with help from a professional martial… Read More

  • Basic Movements of Tai Chi

    All Tai Chi movements can be boiled down into four basic moves. Perform these moves to build your Tai Chi foundation with help from a professional martial arts instructor in… Read More

  • How to Perform Tai Chi

    Performing Tai Chi allows your body to gain strength, despite the slowness of the exercising. Start Tai Chi today with guidance from a professional martial arts instructor in this free… Read More

  • Simple Tai Chi Exercises

    Tai Chi offers several different exercises to help you attain strength and fitness. Start off with these simple exercises to build foundation presented by a professional martial arts instructor in… Read More

  • Tai Chi Warmup Exercises

    Warming up before performing Tai Chi exercises reduces the chance of strain and injury during movements. Prepare yourself for Tai Chi with help from a professional martial arts instructor in… Read More

  • Pressure Points & Control Tactics

    Most charts and diagrams of pressure points and control techniques are not helpful in street combat. If adrenaline is pumping, or drugs are involved, your attacker may feel no pain… Read More

  • How to Make Muay Thai Arm Bands

    Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing that originated in Thailand. Practitioners of Muay Thai traditionally wear arm bands made from braided cords while they train; the bands are tied… Read More

  • How to Make the Bullet Man Self Defense Training Suit

    The Bullet Man self defense training suit is a protective suit martial arts trainers use to simulate realistic fighting situations. "Martial Art Edge" reports that the U.S. based F.A.S.T. (Fear… Read More

  • What Is Taijutsu?

    From the Japanese, meaning “skill with the body,” taijutsu is a fighting system that combines techniques from multiple disciplines. Considered to be the base for advanced martial arts, taijutsu emphasizes… Read More

  • How to Use a Ninja Kunai Knife

    The kunai knife is a longtime favorite weapon for aspiring ninjas and a useful gardening tool for the modern Japanese household. Akin to a trowel, it has been used in… Read More

  • How to Calculate Punching Force

    Punching force is one measurable metric for effectiveness in martial arts training, though it does not measure the effectiveness of a given technique. Force is measured in newtons, which express… Read More

  • Katana Techniques

    Katana combat is an artistic expression through fighting others with a Katana sparring sword. Many people focus on perfecting the craft and the art of their Katana sword in combat.… Read More

  • How to Make Escrima Sticks

    Escrima and several other weapons-focused Filipino martial arts emphasize the use of mid-length sticks -- usually made of rattan -- for training the traditional striking techniques, footwork, body movement and… Read More

  • How to Sharpen Throwing Knives

    Throwing knives are used in specific martial arts disciplines as well as for some circus shows and sport exhibitions. These knives aren't constructed the same as your hunting or pocket… Read More

  • Fighting Techniques for the Pugil Stick

    Pugil sticks are training weapons. Pugil stick training is based more on improvising as opposed to learning specific techniques. Just as important as the striking or deflecting techniques used in… Read More

  • Free Step by Step Instructions for Tai Chi

    Tai Chi, meaning "supreme ultimate," was once a self-defense martial art developed in China in the 1300s that has evolved into an exercise to promote health and meditation. Today, it… Read More

  • How to Make a Katana Handle

    A katana is an oriental-style, martial arts sword. These swords have been made by master craftsmen for centuries. Fortunately today's tools allow you to make a decent replica of this… Read More

  • The Most Effective Fighting Styles

    Every style of fighting or martial arts has its techniques, which can be deemed effective depending on the situation at hand. Whether one style is more effective than the other… Read More

  • Top Ten Martial Arts Schools in America

    There are a large number of martial schools around the United States. Many open and close every year and it can be difficult to find a school that is legitimate.… Read More

  • How to Make a Leather Gun Case

    Many quality guns will last a lifetime and beyond if proper care is taken. Leaving a firearm exposed to dirt, moisture and prying hands can prove harmful to them. A… Read More

  • List of Animal Styles in Martial Arts

    Many styles of martial arts were inspired by animals and their movements during an attack. Associating certain moves with a specific animal helps students understand the mechanics of the movements… Read More

  • List of Mongolian Martial Arts

    Mongolia, a land-locked country in Central Asia, bordered by Russia and China, has three traditional martial arts. These martial arts are sometimes known as the "Three Manly Skills," as they… Read More

  • Middle Eastern Fighting Styles

    The ancient cultures of the Middle East have long and extensive ties to the martial arts, each partaking in regionally practiced fighting styles as well as creating its own home-grown… Read More

  • Martial Arts Belt Colors

    The colors of order received of belts varies in different martial arts. Black belts are universally recognized as the sign of excellence, but not everyone who is a martial arts… Read More

  • List of Martial Arts Kicks

    There are many types of martial arts, from karate and tae kwon do to kung fu and hapkido. Many of the striking moves, punches and kicks overlap, so martial artists… Read More

  • How to Learn Pencak Silat

    Pencak Silat is a self-defense martial art popular in Southeast Asia. It's important to follow the basics when learning Pencak Silat since the fundamental principles of movement in Pencak Silat… Read More

  • Katana Sword Etiquette

    The katana was more than a weapon to the samurai of Japan. It was the representation of their soul and their commitment to society and the responsibilities that came with… Read More

  • List of Martial Arts Ranks

    Although most people in the Western world consider a black belt to be synonymous with the rank of a high-level martial artist, in truth different martial arts rank their practitioners… Read More

  • Special Forces Self-Defense Techniques

    When military actions require small-group movements behind enemy lines, leaders call on the Special Forces. The elite operational unit of the United States Army, the Special Forces – also known… Read More

  • List of the Types of Sword Fighting Styles

    Both eastern and western martial arts traditions relied on the sword as a primary weapon form before the invention of gunpowder changed the practice of warfare. Likewise, both eastern and… Read More

  • Five Easy Self-Defense Tricks and Techniques

    Unless you've had many years of martial arts training, it's hard to target and execute fine motor skills -- like poking a single finger into a vulnerable pressure point --… Read More

  • Important Characteristics of a Grappling Dummy

    Like any martial arts technique, the best way to practice grappling -- which includes throws, takedowns, chokes, pins and submissions -- is with a real life human training partner. However… Read More

  • The History of Cardio Kickboxing

    Unlike other martial arts, cardio kickboxing was developed not as a form of self-defense but rather as a form of exercise. In spite of this distinction, cardio kickboxing employs much… Read More

  • Samurai Mental Training

    Known as the way of the Samurai, Bushido was a code of conduct followed by the samurai class, according to the International Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation. These precepts were transmitted… Read More

  • Fighting Tips & Techniques

    There are a number of different tips and techniques to keep in mind when in a fight. The basic tips and techniques are important to know so that you can… Read More

  • How to Open a Dojo

    Dojo is the Japanese word for martial arts school. Opening a successful dojo requires the blending of centuries-old martial arts traditions with modern business survival techniques. Much of the appeal… Read More

  • How to Throw a Bowie Knife

    Popularized by James "Jim" Bowie in the early 19th century, the Bowie knife is a fixed-blade sheath knife that is typically much larger than traditional knives. While efficient in performing… Read More

  • How to Attack Pressure Points

    Pressure points refer to points on the body that may be manipulated in order to produce moderate to severe pain and/or temporary incapacitation. There are several types of pressure points… Read More

  • Military Knife Fighting Techniques & Grips

    As knife fighting is usually unpredictable and is close combat, and the terrain and environment is rarely ideal for it. So this means grip is incredibly important. There are two… Read More

  • Native American Fighting Styles

    Native Americans have used a variety of fighting styles for centuries. The online encyclopedia on Indian affairs,, states that there are 17 recognized styles of Native American fighting. These… Read More

  • Eight Traditional Sword Fighting Styles for a Samurai

    The samurai, Japan's elite warrior class, distinguished themselves from the rest of the population by wearing two swords, the katana and the wakizashi. These swords were more than just decoration--samurai… Read More

  • Muslim Fighting Techniques

    The Muslim culture is closely associated with the Middle East. While some Muslim nations have had many conflicts of both a religious and a military nature, there are not many… Read More

  • Samurai Knee Walking

    Samurai knee walking is easy with these tips, get expert advice on samurai techniques in this free video. Read More

  • How to Start Training for UFC

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the highest-level professional Mixed Martial Arts competitions. To train to fight in the UFC implies that you have reached a high level of… Read More

  • How to Strike to a Pressure Point & Nerve Cluster

    Pressure points are one of the most widely misunderstood concepts in martial arts. Many different legends have been repeated over the years regarding secretive and lethal techniques. There is nothing… Read More

  • Machete Fighting Techniques

    Originally developed as a tool for clearing thickets and jungle vines, the machete has emerged as a popular weapon in many tropical countries. Functioning like a typical short-sword with a… Read More

  • How to Clean Sparring Gear

    The sparring gear that is used in boxing, martial arts and mixed martial arts is exposed to sweat, bacteria, viruses and blood among other things. This is not appealing, but… Read More

  • Yawara Stick Self Defense Techniques

    The yawara stick is a weapon used in some Japanese martial arts. Although it's not a common self-defense weapon compared to others, it's still effective. Yawara sticks are sometimes called… Read More

  • Pencak Silat Techniques

    Pencak silat is an Indonesian style of martial arts. Born initially as a weapons-based style, pencak silat borrowed much from the martial arts of neighboring China and India. The end… Read More

  • Axe Fighting Techniques

    Though developed as an agricultural tool by many peoples around the world, the axe was cultivated as a weapon by only a handful of cultures. Chief among these was the… Read More

  • All Basic Techniques of Wushu

    Wushu is a Chinese word that translates to "martial arts." In China, wushu refers most commonly to what westerners call kung fu. Wushu is a fast martial art that utilizes… Read More

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