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  • What Are the Benefits of Doing a Back Flip?

    There are several tangible benefits of doing a back flip. You might have just learned how to do a back flip, but you have also taken an important step toward… Read More

  • Martial Art Techniques of Self Defense

    Martial art techniques of self defense range in complexity from basic to advanced. Learn about martial art techniques of self defense with help from a world champion martial artist in… Read More

  • Chinese Fighting Techniques

    In the Chinese martial arts there are four ranges of combat. Learn Chinese fighting techniques with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip. Read More

  • Krav Maga Basics

    The basics of Krav Maga will give you a really good understanding of the movement as a whole. Learn Krav Maga basics with help from a world champion martial artist… Read More

  • Krav Maga Technique

    The Krav Maga technique encompasses very specific things, like standing positions. Learn about the Krav Maga technique with help from a world champion martial artist in this free video clip. Read More

  • How to Build a BMX Practice Gate

    BMX races are almost completely won at the start. Learn how to build a BMX practice gate with help from the co-owner of Berkshire Bike and Board in this free… Read More

  • How to Install Rear Bike Racks

    You can save a decent amount of money by installing your rear bike rack yourself. Install rear bike racks with help from the co-owner of Berkshire Bike and Board in… Read More

  • How to Make a Rodeo Clown Barrel

    Rodeo clowns are the on-the-spot entertainment for the crowd during rodeos and bull riding events but they also have a serious job to do in assisting the bullfighters, the men… Read More

  • How to Make a Go Kart Seat

    A big highlight when you're a kid is going to the amusement park and riding the go karts. The rides are so exhilarating that often a child will go home… Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Sandboard

    Sandboarding is essentially snowboarding without the snow. Sandboarders head to the beach and other areas with large sand dunes, and, with a board similar to a snowboard, they ride the… Read More

  • How to Get a New Jet Ski Title

    Many states require that you register a jet ski with the appropriate state agency before operating it on public waterways. Like a car, a jet ski receives registration and title… Read More

  • How to Carry a Recurve Bow Across a Back

    Recurve bows originated in ancient Mediterranean areas and were used as a primary weapon for Roman soldiers. Recurve bows have more range and power than a straight bow of similar… Read More

  • How to Steer a Parachute

    After deploying a parachute in skydiving or other parachute sports, you must steer yourself to your designated landing area. There are many different ways to steer a parachute, or canopy,… Read More

  • How to Build a Bucking Barrel to Practice Bull Riding

    Bull riders have long used a bull barrel to simulate the actions of a bucking bull for practice. With the explosive growth of the sport, several manufacturers now offer practice… Read More

  • How to Tie a Knot for Goat Tying

    Goat tying is one of the standard events offered for young cowgirls in junior, high school and college rodeo. It is a simple event: a cowgirl rides her horse down… Read More

  • How to Roller Skate Faster

    The thrill of going faster comes hand in hand with learning how to roller skate.This is a skill that you should attempt only when wearing full safety gear, as even… Read More

  • Tricks on Roller Skates

    Roller skating is a challenging extreme sport that requires a lot of dedication and endurance. There is an almost infinite number of tricks and maneuvers that can be performed on… Read More

  • How to Make a Calf Roping Barrier

    Dubbed America's original extreme sport, rodeos are a combination of events categorized as either "timed" or "rough stock." While rough stock events, such as bull riding, are judged; calf roping… Read More

  • How to Raise Bucking Bulls for Rodeos

    For eight seconds a bucking bull leaps and twists in the arena, attempting to shed his rider before the whistle sounds. Bucking bulls can be worth thousands of dollars when… Read More

  • How Fast Does a Blaster 200 Go?

    The Blaster 200 was a high-performance, four-wheel all-terrain vehicle produced by Yamaha. This ATV featured a two-stroke, 195cc air-cooled engine with a manual six-speed transmission. Unlike most ATVs, this model… Read More

  • How to Adjust the Idle on a Yamaha Blaster

    The Yamaha Blaster is an all-terrain, high-performance vehicle that was produced from 1988 to 2006. It features an air-cooled 195cc two-stroke engine, six-speed manual transmission and rearward kick-start. This model… Read More

  • How to Do a Top End on a Honda CR250

    Based on your use of your CR250, you should rebuild the top end after every 40 to 100 hours of use. You will notice a loss in power or a… Read More

  • How to Replace Harley Pushrods & Lifters

    Maintaining your Harley-Davidson motorcycle entails correctly tuning the bike's components in order to keep it safely running on the roads. Many motorcycle enthusiasts have taken a fancy to do-it-yourself maintenance,… Read More

  • How to Get Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks

    It's a common perception that earning corporate sponsorship for any project is an uphill battle. Rather than going through mountains of red tape and talking with some dozen or so… Read More

  • How to Identify a Yamaha Quad ATV Model by the VIN Number

    Like many legal passenger vehicles, Yamaha ATVs have a 17-digit VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. These characters can include numbers from zero through nine and capital letters from A through… Read More

  • How to Start a Polaris 250 Four Wheeler

    The Polaris 250 four wheeler is an off road vehicle that is designed for recreational use by a single operator. Polaris produced the first 250 Trail Boss in 1988 and… Read More

  • How to Paint Epoxy Surfboards

    So you've put down the cash for a brand new surf board but you still want a bit of color for your stick. Instead of paying shapers and artists to… Read More

  • How to Identify the Model of a Yamaha ATV

    In 1985, Yamaha Motors introduced their first ever recreational all-terrain vehicle, or ATV. Today, Yamaha's original ATV design has evolved greatly to include hundreds of different features and models. All… Read More

  • How to Simulate Altitude Training

    You probably do not think about altitude on a daily basis. The only time you may even notice altitude is when you travel from a familiar state into one that… Read More

  • How to Paint a Rodeo Clown Face

    A rodeo clown protects a bull rider that has fallen to the ground during a rodeo. The role of the rodeo clown is to distract the bull until the rider… Read More

  • How to Tie Rope Bridge Knots for JROTC

    The United States Army sponsors and operates the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) for the stated purpose: "To motivate young people to be better citizens." A part of the… Read More

  • Waveraider Engine Specs

    Yamaha's WaveRaider was unveiled in 1994 to be sold along side the brand's popular WaveRunner models. The first models used an 80-horsepower engine that helped mark what the company marketed… Read More

  • The Specifications of a Seadoo GSX

    The Sea-Doo GSX is a light, quick two-seat personal watercraft built in the late 1990s with a two-stroke engine. The Sea-Doo line of personal watercraft is built and sold by… Read More

  • Places to Ride ATVs in California

    Marked by mountain ranges, steep cliffs, sand dunes and miles of coastline, California's contrasting terrain makes it an excellent place to ride ATVs. Increased demand for the recreational activity led… Read More

  • How to Stream UFC Fights

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a mixed martial arts sports association in which fighters use interdisciplinary forms of fighting, including jujitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and others. The organization… Read More

  • How to Build a Pontoon Swim Platform

    Swimming and playing in the water are even more fun with a diving board, but if your water source is the lake at the cottage, a diving board might not… Read More

  • How to Start a Fire With a AA Battery

    Matches and lighters are typically used to start a fire, but there can be times when you don't have anything other than an AA battery and a wire. Know how… Read More

  • How to Race a Manual Car

    Drag racing is probably more popular than you might think, and yes, you can drag race legally. There are thousands of public drag strips all across the country where racers… Read More

  • Can the Straps in a Bicycle Helmet Be Replaced?

    Replacing the straps on a bicycle helmet yourself is scarcely less risky than hand-stitching a parachute. Helmet-strap repair or replacement by a professional ensures high-impact support in the event of… Read More

  • How to Load a Side by Side ATV Into a Pickup

    Loading a side-by-side ATV into a pickup can be a quick process by using arched ramps specially designed for loading ATVs and off-road vehicles into an elevated bed. Side-by-side ATVs… Read More

  • How to Adjust Carburetor Floats on ATVs

    Adjusting the carburetor float on an ATV is a necessary step in the process of rebuilding or rejetting the carburetor. Each time the carburetor is removed from the ATV, the… Read More

  • Yamaha Moto4 Won't Start

    If your Yamaha Moto4 four-wheeler will not start up, you will have to troubleshoot the four-wheeler to figure out what is wrong with it. There are a variety of problems… Read More

  • Electrical Problems in the Yamaha YFZ450

    Yamaha's YFZ450 set a new standard in ATV performance. However, as reliable as the YFZ is, it is not perfect. Although the motor and suspension are extremely sturdy, electrical problems… Read More

  • How to Enter the Winter X Games

    While the Winter X Games are a more extreme version of traditional Olympic sporting events, the qualification process is surprisingly standard. In order to enter, you must obtain a sponsor… Read More

  • How to tape up roller skates

    When playing roller derby or speed skating, your quad roller skates will experience severe wear and tear--especially to the toe area of your boots--due to all of the falling and… Read More

  • Ideas of Things to Do for an Adrenaline Rush

    You can find activities that provide an adrenaline rush with little effort. Depending on the kind of rush you are seeking, you can discover a source right in your own… Read More

  • How Much Does it Cost to Parasail?

    When parasailing you will be up to 800 feet in the air above the water. It is optional whether or not you would like to touch the water. Time in… Read More

  • Legal ATV Trails in Pennsylvania

    ATV riding is popular in Pennsylvania because of the state's vast, wooded lands, and favorable riding weather. There are a few legal trails in Pennsylvania that vary in terrain, difficulty… Read More

  • How to Reset the Breaker in a Suzuki LT80

    The Suzuki LT80 is an all-terrain vehicle that features a two-stroke 82 CC engine, fully independent front suspension, variable speed automatic transmission and 19-inch tires that will allow you to… Read More

  • Differences Between a Pit Bike & a Dirt Bike

    A pit bike is a small motorcycle used for pit racing and for riding in pits; these bikes are usually used by kids while dirt bikes are motorcycles made to… Read More

  • Chemicals in Paintballs

    Paintball is a popular outdoor sporting activity. Players compete on a mock battlefield and shoot each other with special guns that deliver a ball-shaped pellet full of paint to its… Read More

  • How to Size Four-Wheelers to Children

    Although the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under age 16 do not ride all-terrain vehicles, (ATV's), also known as four-wheelers, many families choose to pursue this activity. The… Read More

  • Materials Used to Make Parachute Canopies

    Parachutes are fabric canopies used to slow the rate of descent of people or objects making an un-powered descent from a height. Military parachutes are usually designed to exert less… Read More

  • Definition of Adventure Sports

    Adventure sports have been around for thousands of years, only they haven't always exactly been considered sports. The definition of adventure sports is in its name. They are thrilling and… Read More

  • ATV Trails Near Deadwood, South Dakota

    Off-roaders visiting Deadwood, South Dakota, will find roughly 1.25 million acres of public land in the surrounding Black Hills National Forest. Hundreds of miles of primitive roads and ATV trails… Read More

  • How to Identify Paintball Guns by Serial Number

    Today, the majority of paintball guns produced are stamped or engraved with a unique serial number. This number is helpful for two important reasons. First, it can be used by… Read More

  • How to Fix a Paintball Gun That Won't Re-cock

    A common problem that paintball players face is a marker that will not re-cock. Paintball guns have numerous internal parts, which can lead to problems with the marker if any… Read More

  • How to Calculate Free Fall

    Whether you are a skydiver or a physics student, calculating the velocity and position of an object in free fall at various points in time can be a useful endeavor.… Read More

  • Marine Rope Braiding Instructions

    Traditionally made from natural fibers such as hemp, linen, cotton, jute and sisal, marine rope is becoming more commonly made from synthetic and factory-woven fabrics such as nylon, polyester and… Read More

  • How to Fix the Trigger of an Airsoft Gun

    Airsoft is a team-based action sport that is similar to paintball and other military style games. It involves the use of replica firearms that shoot 6 mm plastic BBs. However,… Read More

  • ATV Tire Size Explanation

    Tire sizing for ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) can be a confusing bunch of numbers until they are explained. Once you understand how it works, it's easy to know with a glance… Read More

  • How to Become a Stunt Pilot

    You’re completely fascinated by the stunt pilots at the air shows you’ve attended. They execute seemingly impossible maneuvers with technical precision and dizzying speed. Also known as "aerobatics" pilots, these… Read More

  • How to Replace Lost ATV Key

    A lost ATV key can be a frustrating experience. All modern ATVs require a key whether they have electric start or not. Without the key, there is no easy way… Read More

  • How to Select a Bull Rope

    A bull rope is the most important piece of equipment for a bull rider. The rope is made with a loop on one end that is placed under the belly… Read More

  • What Is an ATV Spark Arrestor?

    An ATV spark arrestor is a necessary component of all ATVs made in the USA. They are required in order to ride in most public riding areas. Read More

  • How to Remove Links From an ATV Chain

    Removing links from an ATV chain can be a daunting task without the proper tools and knowledge. To execute this task successfully you need to follow a few rules and… Read More

  • How to Rosin a Bull Rope

    In preparation for a good eight second tournament between bull and rider, a well-rosined bull rope and glove will create a tacky stick that can help a rider stay glued… Read More

  • How to Start a Boxing Gym

    To start a boxing gym you will need a wide-open workout space, plenty of equipment, insurance and a few level-headed trainers and promoters on call. It's all about advertising well… Read More

  • How to Buy Rollerblade Replacement Wheels

    The fad may have faded a bit, but rollerblading remains one of the best ways to get around and a great way to get some exercise. Rollerblading is excellent for… Read More

  • How Long Do You Charge a Jet Ski Battery?

    A Jet Ski battery is very similar to a motorcycle's in size and the way they are designed. Just like a car battery, they use acid to create an electrical… Read More

  • Skydiving Safety Rules

    Skydiving is a thrilling way for people to experience the sensation of flight. However, since there are definite risks involved, strict adherence to safety rules and procedures is crucial. Failure… Read More

  • FMF Racing History

    FMF Racing (Flying Machine Factory) was one of the first aftermarket motorcycle manufacturers, having been started by Don Emler in 1973. From its humble beginnings in Emler's garage, FMF Racing… Read More

  • How to Put a Motorcycle on Its Center Stand

    Many people complain about the difficulty of putting a motorcycle on its center stand. For most, the complaint is similar to "but it's just so heavy." Fortunately, to put a… Read More

  • About Monster Truck Tires

    Monster trucks often stand 11 feet tall and are equipped with engines pushing 1,500 horsepower. What monster trucks are most notable for are their massive tires. Read More

  • How to Make Homemade Bike Ramps

    Kids love riding bikes, and some love to experiment and see what kinds of fun jumps they can do. Building your own bike ramp allows you to customize the height… Read More

  • What Equipment Do You Need to Skydive?

    Skydiving is an extremely dangerous activity that requires quality equipment. A malfunction in your skydiving equipment can cause serious injury or even death, so make sure you are prepared before… Read More

  • How to Create Motorcycle Paint Schemes

    What's the fun in owning a motorcycle if you can't add your own personal style to it? One of the best ways to set your ride apart from the rest… Read More

  • Rules of Medieval Jousting

    Jousting was one of the most spectacular war games for knights of the Middle Ages. It also was one of the few legal spectator sports of the time. The Middle… Read More

  • How to Start a Rugby Club

    Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. However in the United States few people have seen the sport, and even fewer have played it. This can… Read More

  • How to Indoor Skydive

    Indoor sky diving is extreme sports at its best. You'll have an exhilarating time floating through the air in the wind tunnel without the worry of getting hurt. Indoor sky… Read More

  • How to Repair the Front End Alignment of an ATV

    ATV front end alignment is one aspect that many enthusiasts may not take into consideration as they consider the handling or maintenance of their ATV, but this has a direct… Read More

  • Is Cordura Waterproof?

    Cordura fabrics have a reputation for durability and resistance to punctures and abrasions. The high-strength nylon fabric is ideal for use in outdoor clothing and military apparel. The dense weave… Read More

  • How to Make Your Own Crossbow

    If you want to make your own crossbow, you've come to the right place. Crossbows, like a bow, are a neat way to shoot things like arrows, which can be… Read More

  • How to Make Tree Climbing Spikes

    For the easiest way to climb a tree, consider a set of tree spikes that allow you to climb like a bear. Strapped to the lower legs, tree spikes have… Read More

  • How to Remove Scratches From ATV Plastic

    ATVs, also known as all terrain vehicles, are prone to getting scratches. These scratches reduce the value of the vehicle and can make it difficult to sell for a reasonable… Read More

  • How to buy a Bobsled

    The bobsled is synonymous with the Winter Olympics. This large, gravity powered sled barrels down mountain courses with two or four person teams and pass spectators in the blink of… Read More

  • How to Sign Up to Wrestle in the WWE

    In the wrestling world, the leading company is, without a doubt, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., otherwise known as the WWE. Little boys grow up dreaming of being a wrestler for… Read More

  • How to Give a Proper Hickey

    While having an intimate moment, one sign of affection and desire is called a “hickey” (also called “love bites” or “neck nibbles”). Learning how to give a proper hickey will… Read More

  • How to do a T-Bar in Snowboarding

    Learn from an expert how to properly do a t-bar on a snowboard in this free snowboarding video lesson. Read More

  • Body Positioning & Stances on a Snowboard

    Learn the importance of body position and what kind of stance to use when snowboarding in this free snowboarding video lesson. Read More

  • How to Do a Nerve Pinch

    Pinching a nerve on another person can either be irritating or deadly. So unless you are willing to take the chance of turning a bothersome squeeze into a fatal attack,… Read More

  • How to Make a Rally Car

    In today’s ultra competitive motor sports arena, you are sure to find a track you will like if you participate in a rally car race. This form of racing involves… Read More

  • How to Build a Hang Glider Rack

    Learn how to build a hang glider rack and what it's used for in hang gliding in this free hang gliding video lesson from an expert professional hang-glider pilot. Read More

  • How to Get Started in Hang Gliding

    Learn how to get started in hang gliding and the basics of the sport in this free hang gliding video lesson from an expert professional hang-glider pilot. Read More

  • How to Do the Sit Fly Position for Skydiving

    You have tried skydiving and love it. After a few successful jumps, you will be ready to learn different flying positions. Freeflying is flying your body in different positions and… Read More

  • How to Rent a Jet Ski

    Personal watercraft (PWCs) can be fun for people of all ages, but it is an expensive hobby. You can rent a jet ski if you want to try it without… Read More

  • How to Jet Ski

    Cruising through the water on a jet ski is great fun for both teenagers and adults. The sport is easy to learn, although some safety precautions must be followed to… Read More

  • How to Play Kabbadi

    Kabaddi is a South Asian men's sport in which two opposing teams compete with one another for the highest score. The objective of the game is to capture the opposing… Read More

  • How to Become a Certified Skydiver

    Skydiving is an expensive hobby -- expect to pay as much as $2,000 for training and twice that for gear -- and only certified divers are allowed to take the… Read More

  • How to Build a Battlebot

    You can build a BattleBot that reflects your creativity and sense of style. It requires an investment of time and money, and while you can get a basic design online,… Read More

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