Pet Mice

  • Can Mice Eat Dry Corn?

    Captive mice seem to nibble endlessly at the food bowl. The unexpected wild mouse can tear through your cupboards like a machine, consuming whatever is available. Making the right choice… Read More

  • What Do Baby Mice Eat if Their Eyes Are Closed?

    When a mouse is born, he can’t do much to defend himself -- he’s blind and deaf, and therefore unable to navigate his environment or find his own food. Fortunately,… Read More

  • Information on White Mice Mammals

    White mice are easy pets to look after and when cared for correctly, rarely become sick. They make good pets for children and become friendly toward their owner when handled… Read More

  • Wounds in Pet Mice

    When kept as pets, mice are relatively low-maintenance animals, but they can sustain injuries just like any other species. While most wounds in pet mice can heal with little intervention… Read More

  • Treatment for Mites on Mice

    If your pet mouse has mites, your vet might prescribe certain medications, as well as a throughout cleaning to get rid of the infestation. Read More

  • Why is My Mouse Losing Hair Around the Eye & Nose?

    A mouse is a common, easy-to-care for small pet that rarely requires vet visits. Unfortunately, not many people know much about their mouse's health. When problems such as fur loss,… Read More

  • How to Feed White Mice

    Feeding white mice is relatively straightforward, with chow designed for rodents their primary meal. Read More

  • How to Train Pet Mice to Run a Maze

    The easiest and quickest way to teach a mouse to run through a maze is to let the mouse go hungry for a few days. When the mouse is placed… Read More

  • How to Make a House for Pet Mice

    Pet mice, sometimes called "fancy" mice, are surprisingly social and fun to watch. These little pets require only a minimum of fuss and a small amount of space in a… Read More

  • Homemade Mouse Bedding

    Purchasing bedding for mice can be an expensive proposition, especially if you purchase it in small quantities from pet stores, which often charge the highest prices. Buying in bulk can… Read More

  • How to Breed Feeder Mice

    Owners of exotic animals, such as snakes, often raise and breed mice to supplement their pets' diets. Feeder mice are mice raised for such purposes. Unlike pet mice, feeder mice… Read More

  • Do Mice Bite?

    Mice have 16 teeth that grow throughout their lives. Domesticated fancy mice, though they are generally considered nonaggressive and tolerant, can bite out of fear, hostility or unfamiliarity. If you… Read More

  • How to Take Care of Baby Mice

    Caring for orphaned baby mice is not easy; many infant mice don't make it through the first week due to heat loss, lack of nutrition or sickness. If the baby… Read More

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