Pregnancy & What to Expect

  • Can You Get Insurance While Pregnant?

    Getting insurance while pregnant is going to vary depending on a few specific items of your situation. Find out if you can get insurance while pregnant with help from a… Read More

  • What Should I Eat & Drink While Pregnant?

    While pregnant, eating and drinking habits should be altered to increase 500 calories a day, increase servings of dairy, avoid raw meats, avoid large fish, minimize caffeine and eliminate alcohol.… Read More

  • What Happens During Birth?

    During birth, the doctor or midwife guides the mother through the process of labor, telling her when to push and how hard to push, until the baby is born. Understand… Read More

  • What Can Induce Labor?

    Things that can help induce labor include walking, eating particular foods, having intercourse and taking Castor oil. Experiment with various methods of inducing labor, only when the due date is… Read More

  • Treating a Cold During Pregnancy

    Treating a cold during pregnancy can be done by taking Tylenol or aspirin, using throat lozenges, gargling with warm water, using a saline nasal flush, getting plenty of rest and… Read More

  • The Stages of Pregnancy

    The stages of pregnancy are divided into three main groups, the first, second and third trimester, the second being the longest at 28 weeks long. Understand the different stages of… Read More

  • Swollen Breasts During Pregnancy

    Swollen breasts during pregnancy are a common occurrence, as there is an increase of blood flow to the breasts, the lobes that make milk develop and colostrum begins forming. Understand… Read More

  • Sleeping Positions While Pregnant

    Sleeping positions while pregnant are important to consider, as sleeping on the back can constrict blood flow to the uterus. Try various positions on the left side with helpful information… Read More

  • Pregnancy Checklist for the Hospital

    A pregnancy checklist for the hospital is expansive, but it should include clothing for the delivery, as well as after the delivery, general toiletries for the mother, blankets for the… Read More

  • Medications to Avoid During Pregnancy

    Medications to avoid during pregnancy are categorized by the Food and Drug Administration as levels C, D and X, but levels A and B are generally safe to take during… Read More

  • Medical Information About Labor & Delivery

    Medical information about labor and delivery is available in the form of books, classes and visits to a physician, but figuring out the options for paint management, location and birth… Read More

  • Lifting Restrictions During Pregnancy

    Lifting things during pregnancy can be safe when little strain is put on the back. Bend at the knees to lift small things off the ground with helpful information from… Read More

  • How to Tell If I'm Pregnant

    To tell if you are pregnant, symptoms such as breast tenderness, bloating and fatigue can occur before the missed period, but a home pregnancy test is a relatively accurate way… Read More

  • How to Prepare Your Body for Becoming Pregnant

    Preparing the body for becoming pregnant is very important for the overall health of the baby, and it includes taking folic acid, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep and taking… Read More

  • How to Get Pregnant

    Getting pregnant requires first getting into the best health possible through eating well, getting into a regular fitness routine, eliminating alcohol from the diet and taking folic acid supplements. Prepare… Read More

  • How Long Does Morning Sickness Last?

    Morning sickness varies greatly from woman to woman, as it can last all day during the first part of pregnancy or it can be very subtle only during parts of… Read More

  • Hair Changes During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, changes in hair include a fuller head of hair with a lush texture, but hair loss is very common directly after pregnancy. Learn how the hormonal changes during… Read More

  • Environmental Things to Avoid While Pregnant

    Environmental things to avoid while pregnant include any solvents, high-fume paints or pesticides, but keeping the room well-ventilated makes painting a room and painting nails safer. Use caution when using… Read More

  • Cramping in Pregnancy

    Cramping during pregnancy is quite common and normal, but it should be observed closely to make sure there is no coinciding bleeding taking place. Discover healthy and worrisome cramping during… Read More

  • Can You Fly When You Are Pregnant?

    Flying while pregnant is usually safe, so long as there are no complications with the pregnancy, the mother-to-be stays well-hydrated, and she travels with her medical records. Get tips on… Read More

  • Calculating Date of Ovulation

    Calculating a date of ovulation requires keeping track of cervical mucous changes, body temperature changes and the cycle days, as ovulation usually occurs during day 14 of a 28-day menstrual… Read More

  • How Often Should a Breast-Fed Newborn Have a Bowel Movement?

    A breastfed newborn baby should have a bowel movement five to 10 times a day for the first month and then every four to 12 days after that. Discuss newborn… Read More

  • What Is Surrogate Parenting?

    Surrogate parenting is when a women is hired or volunteers to carry a baby for a family or couple that is unable to have a child in the traditional sense.… Read More

  • Week By Week Pregnancy

    In the first few weeks of pregnancy, women will rarely even know they are pregnant. The first trimester often involves great fatigue and nausea. During weeks 16 through 22, pregnant… Read More

  • Signs of Teething

    Signs of a teething baby include drooling, pulling at the ears, scratching at the jaw line, slightly loose stools and difficulty sleeping. Identify the signs of teething, as opposed to… Read More

  • How to Wash an Infant

    Wash an infant from cleanest to dirtiest by gently scrubbing the baby's head, moving down to the feet and cleaning the diaper area last. Be sure to have a good… Read More

  • How to Increase the Chances of Conception

    Increase the chances of conception by monitoring general health, avoiding drugs and alcohol and discovering when ovulation occurs. Avoid stress, and consult a midwife or obstetrician about conception with help… Read More

  • How to Help a Teething Baby or Toddler

    Help a teething baby or toddler by recognizing the signs of teething, massaging the child's gums, providing teething rings and keeping the skin around the mouth clean to prevent irritation.… Read More

  • How to Gain Weight While Breastfeeding

    To gain weight while breastfeeding, add 500 to 1000 calories a day, eat meals high in protein and carbohydrates, and drink protein shakes. Consult a midwife or obstetrician to help… Read More

  • How to Gain Weight After a Miscarriage

    Gain weight after a miscarriage by allowing time for grief and healing, stimulating appetite through physical activity and eating high protein and high carbohydrate meals. Try to distract the mind… Read More

  • How to Find a Good Cloth Diaper Service

    To find a good cloth diaper service, ask about the cost of the service, how much work are parents required to do, whether diaper covers are included in the price… Read More

  • How to Dress Formally When Pregnant

    To dress formally when pregnant, find dresses or clothes made of breathable fabrics, wear comfortable clothes, put breast pads inside the bra to prevent mishaps and wear full-length stockings. Wear… Read More

  • How to Dress Casually When Pregnant

    Dress casually when pregnant by wearing breathable fabrics, bright colors, pants with adjustable waistbands and low-heeled shoes. Wear layers of clothes when pregnant to avoid getting too hot or too… Read More

  • How to Compare Stretch Mark Creams

    To compare stretch mark creams, look at the ingredient list and research how well each ingredient actually works for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Consider using scar-reducing creams to… Read More

  • How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Breastfeeding?

    Breastfeeding mothers burn about 500 calories a day, and they should make sure they are getting enough nutrients to create quality breast milk. Be sure to stay hydrated during breastfeeding… Read More

  • Choosing Toilet Seats for Potty Training

    When choosing a toilet seat for potty training a child, consider how easy it is to clean, whether it may pinch the child's legs and how intimidating it may seem… Read More

  • About Breastfeeding Diets

    A breastfeeding diet for new mothers should include about 500 extra calories and six to eight glasses or water. It should also be bland in flavor and should exclude vegetables… Read More

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