The Best Insulating Storm Doors


Keeping a home insulated helps keep the home at a stable temperature, which reduces the extent to which the air conditioner and furnace need to alter the air temperature, saving the homeowner energy. Homeowners with poorly insulated storm doors can reduce the extent to which they lose temperature through the other door. The storm door goes over the original door, sealing off the temperature. However, storm doors are a waste if the original door is already well insulated.

Temperature Barrier

  • Many storm doors have glass designed to trap heat or cool air, depending on the season, between the original door and the storm door, which creates an insulating barrier of space that will remain stable as long as leaks do not develop in the storm door.

Storm Door Warranties

  • Storm doors sometimes come with warranties that ensure that the contractor will repair the storm door in the event that the door breaks. Homeowners purchasing cheap storm doors that do not have warranties should be careful because these contractors may install poor quality doors that won't insulate well.

Low-E Glass

  • Low-E glass does an excellent job insulating the home. However, the low-e glass can cause too much sunlight to strike the main door and can cause damage to this door. Homeowners who live in areas with less sunlight will benefit more from these doors.

Lock Reinforcement

  • Storm doors receive a lot of force. Homeowners should have storm doors that have reinforced deadbolts and other locks since this storm door receives a lot of force from the outside, such as strong winds and storms. Poor locks can cause the door to come open, letting in cold air or heat.

Polyurethane Insulation

  • To insulate the door, the storm door must have polyurethane insulation, which binds to the metal frame and prevents heat from passing through. Polyurethane is a series of organic compounds linked together by urethane. These materials also increase the strength of the storm door. The insulation is between two steel slabs that must interlock so that they do not come apart at any time.

Door Frame

  • Wrought iron and steel door frames have the most durability. However, these door frames cost more money than aluminum door frames, which work almost as well. Door frames that break down can develop leaks, which ruin the insulating capabilities of the storm door.

Wire Mesh

  • Some storm doors have wire mesh that prevents bugs from getting into the home while still allowing air through. These storm doors make the worst insulators, but they work well for homes that have front doors that are already well insulated. When the weather is right, homeowners can open the front door and leave the storm door closed to let fresh air in.

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