Light Requirements for Bubble Tip Anemone


Bubble tip anemones are good creatures for beginning hobbyists because of their hardy nature. They come in several different colors; such as pink, brown and green; and have dozens of tube-like appendages swaying about from a central point that it uses to feed on passing particles. The lighting requirements for the bubble tip anemone are not terribly strict but are more complex than a freshwater setup.

Actinic Lighting

  • The most basic component of the lighting that must be considered is the color. In the bubble tip's case the proper color would be a 50/50 actinic light. Actinic lighting is a fluorescent tube light colored 50 percent white and 50 percent blue, giving it a daylight blue appearance. The daylight blue simulates daylight and brings out the anemone's colors.


  • Consider two things when determining the proper power of the light fixture: wattage and Kelvin. The proper wattage of the light depends on the tank's size, as the bubble tip does best in around three watts per gallon. If you're anemone is kept in a 30-gallon tank, there should be 90 total watts of power. The Kelvin rating measures the brightness of the light. For most bubble tip setups, a 10,000K light is minimum.

HO, VHO and Halide

  • Three options available to consumers in terms of lighting are High Output, Very High Output and Metal Halide lighting. These measure the amount of light produced, with higher outputs being able to reach deeper water. What is used for a bubble tip depends on the size of the tank. If the aquarium is less than 24 inches deep, HO lighting is fine. However, if it is more than 24-inches deep, use VHO or Metal Halide.


  • The lights must cycle to simulate the natural sun cycles. As such, the lights should be on 12 hours a day and off 12 hours a day. Many keepers attach lamp dimmers to their lights so they can gradually increase and decrease the amount of light in the tank, which more accurately simulates the natural rising and setting of the sun.

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