National Nursing Assistants Week Gifts

Career Nurse Assistants’ Programs Inc. instituted National Nursing Assistants Week in 1977. The observance begins on the second Thursday of June. According to the organization, a nursing assistant's title may vary. Alternate job titles include personal care assistants, direct care assistants and caregivers. The first day of this special week especially honors nursing assistants who choose the profession as a full-time, permanent career. Give a gift to your favorite certified nursing assistant (CNA) to express gratitude.

  1. Manicure or Massage

    • Pamper a caregiver with a manicure or on-site massage.
      Pamper a caregiver with a manicure or on-site massage.

      Caregivers work long hours and perform physical non-medical tasks, such as lifting a patient or keeping a night watch in the home of a hospice patient. A gift certificate for a manicure or massage gives the nursing assistant a welcome respite. Before giving a gift certificate for a service, fish for your favorite CNA's personal preferences. A pedicure goes unused if a CNA expresses squeamishness when others show off their painted nails. Open a dialogue with a female CNA about your experience at a cruise ship spa to see if she expresses interest. If multiple CNAs care for your relative at a facility, hire a massage therapist to give them shoulder massages on their lunch hour if the facility allows it. Though nail treatments are typically gender-specific, a group session gives both male and female nursing assistants quick relief from a long shift on their feet.

    Books and Magazines

    • Reading material helps late nights fly by.
      Reading material helps late nights fly by.

      If a CNA stays overnight at group home, a good book passes the time. Some caregivers stay at a residence while the patients or clients sleep. Books of short stories or poetry, or novels written in serial form, provide diversion without taking a nursing assistant's concentration away for long. A magazine subscription also provides continual reading material. Make small talk with your friend's caregiver to hone in on suitable titles. Splurge for an electronic reader to honor a long-term relationship with a technology-oriented CNA.


    • Donate to a charity in her name. Choose a personal interest rather than one that reflects her employer's mission, for a CNA whom you know well. Choose a cause related to her employer, such as Hospice or a children's hospital, for less familiar relationships. Accompany the donation announcement with a sincere and handwritten thank-you letter or note. Alternatively, generously sponsor the CNA or her family member in a charity walk or ride. Sometimes participants must meet minimum pledge thresholds to participate.

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