The Best Ways to Make Money at a Garage Sale

If your house is overflowing with things you do not need, hold a garage sale to get rid of the clutter and make some money. Start planning your garage sale at least a few weeks in advance to give yourself plenty of time to get organized and maximize your profits on the day of the sale.

  1. Price to Sell

    • Maximize your profits by pricing your garage sale items so they will actually sell. Never ask for more than half of what you paid for an item. Unless something is in perfect condition, you are unlikely to get more than one-third of its purchase price. Think about what you would pay for your items at a garage sale and price them a little higher. People probably will try to bargain with you. You can lower prices as the day goes on if certain items are not selling. Mark each item with a clearly visible price sticker and create signs for "25 percent off everything" or "Everything half price" to post later. Try to sell as much as you can, even if you have to lower the price significantly, because getting some money for your junk is better than getting none.


    • Place advertisements for your garage sale in newspapers and online classifieds, such as Craigslist. List some of the most notable items you will be selling to attract buyers. If you are holding a garage sale because you are moving, list it as a "moving sale" because shoppers expect to find more stuff and better prices when people are trying to unload things before a move. Create large bright-colored signs that say "Garage Sale" and draw an arrow pointing toward your home to guide shoppers in from main streets. Use the same paper and style on all signs so shoppers can follow them easily.

    Create Appealing Displays

    • Presentation can help you sell your stuff for a good price at a garage sale. Before the sale, make sure everything is clean and in top shape. Rather than placing clothes in giant piles in cardboard boxes, fold them and place them on tables organized by size or, even better, hang them on a clothing rack. If you have a bookshelf that you can move outside for the sale, put books on it to make them look more appealing. Set up an extension cord so customers can test electronics before purchasing them. Organize everything on tables inside the garage so you just have to carry them outside on the day of the sale.

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