The Top 10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

When doing a job interview, you might have to answer multiple questions from the employer. But you as the potential employee have the right to ask questions of the employer, and most employers welcome it. However, points out that you may be so drained from the stress of answering questions, you may forget to ask the top 10 most important questions.

  1. Your Company's Future?

    • Careerbuilder says that most companies are interested in potential employees who show interest in the company. This includes being curious about the company and the company's goals. Ask the employer where she sees the company in the year ahead. Usually, asking where the employer sees the company five years ahead is the best. A thorough answer that states definitive facts can tell you whether it's a good company to work for in the long term.

    Plans for Growth?

    • As an adjunct to asking about the company's future, it's a good idea to ask exactly how the company plans to grow. This question could also ask for details on how the company plans to market a product and what challenges will be faced.

    What Happened to the Previous Employee?

    • This might sound brave to ask, but Careerbuilder recommends it in order to see how employees advance in the company. By asking what happened to the previous employee, you can see whether someone left due to personal reasons or if he moved on because he couldn't advance.

    Strengths, Weaknesses of Previous Employee?

    • Here you have another question that might sound overly personal. Nevertheless, Careerbuilder says you should ask this to determine what the previous employer did right or wrong that determined the fate of his job.

    New Skills Sought in a New Hire?

    • By determining the answer to this question, you can find out exactly how your own skills can fit best into the company. If you find out that a previous employee didn't have a certain skill desired, let the employer know that you possess that particular skill.

    Career Paths Available?

    • Careerbuilder recommends asking this so you can determine whether there truly is growth in the company. The employer should specify exactly if you can work up to managerial or other senior roles.

    Successful Departments?

    • As another way to gauge where the best opportunities are in the company, ask which departments performed the best. This can give you a goal to work toward if there truly is advancement opportunity available.

    Most Important Aspects to this Job?

    • While perhaps an obvious question, everything you can learn about the position is in your best interest. You need to know every aspect of what your duties will be so you'll know exactly what you need to do if hired.

    Immediate Expectations of this Job?

    • Ask this to determine what's required of you in the first days, weeks or months of the job. This can help you prepare for what the company will expect of you to determine whether it's truly right for you and if advancement can happen sooner.

    How Will I Be Evaluated?

    • Careerbuilder says you should find out how and how often your job performance will be evaluated. With this, you can determine what you need to do to prepare for evaluation as well as preparing to get the best evaluation grade possible.

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