Maytag Washer Drain Issues


A Maytag washer full of wet clothes and dirty, sudsy water is almost too horrid to contemplate, especially if the kids' school clothes for today are in the machine. Several glitches can prevent a Maytag washer from draining. The real challenge is to find the problem. Once you do, the fix could be a matter of only a few minutes' work, and the kids will be off to school in no time.

Washer Lid or Door

  • The lid must be closed (or the door closed and latched) for the Maytag washer to agitate, spin or drain.

Clogged Drain

  • The drain for the washer could be clogged. Turn on the water at a couple of sinks or tubs and observe whether they are draining properly. If not, the problem could be the main drain for the house. If the sinks are draining properly, the problem could be the drain from the washer. Run a snake down the drain to dislodge clogs. Or mix one cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP) into 4 to 6 qt. of boiling water. You may have to run a drain snake to dislodge everything. Remove the drain hose from the pipe, and use a large funnel to pour the TSP down the pipe.

Improperly Installed Drain Hose

  • The drain hose must be inserted into the drain with no kinks. The end of the hose must be shaped into a U and the open leg of the U inserted into the drain not more than 4 1/2 inches. There must be an air gap between the drain opening and the drain hose. If the end of your drain hose is not holding the U-shape, use a loose plastic tie to hold it in place; don't kink the hose. The drain should be no more than 96 inches above the floor or there will not be enough pressure created by the spinning drum to push the water up into the drain.

Too Much Detergent

  • Too much suds in the drum can prevent the washer from spinning and draining. If you suspect oversudsing, check the floor for water since oversudsing could also cause the washing machine to leak. This problem is common when you use HE laundry detergent. Read and follow the directions carefully. If you have very soft water, try using a little less detergent than recommended.

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