Activities for At-Risk Youth

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At-risk youth often get into trouble because they do not have a place to go after school, or a role model to guide them into taking part in positive activities. However, there are many activities that can help support and encourage an at-risk youth that will make him feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning.

Soup Kitchen Volunteer

  • When children and teens spend their time helping others in need, it can help prevent them from dwelling too much on their own troubles, and to re-focus their energies on benefiting the community. One way to do this is to encourage troubled youth to volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless, which serves a hot meal to homeless citizens in the community. These soup kitchens often need volunteers the most during the holidays and can be located by contacting your local YMCA.

Planting Community Gardens

  • Community gardens can beautify an area that is disheveled and would normally make a town look rundown. Troubled children and teens can help plant a community garden in their neighborhood to make it more enjoyable for everyone. This type of volunteer work will not only grow healthy green open space for the community, but can help grow a feeling of accomplishment in children and teens who volunteer to create it. You can find a group who will help troubled youth plant a community garden by contacting the local parks department.

Free Sports

  • Troubled children and teens can often benefit from taking part in a free local sports group. You can locate a free sports activity through your local recreation department, or through your local YMCA. Sports can make a troubled youth become more physically active, which can benefit self-esteem, health and emotions. Taking part in a sports team can also help youth learn to work cooperatively in a group, which can carry over in a positive way outside of the team in their everyday lives.



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