Common Rum Drinks


Rum, a spirit made from fermented and distilled sugarcane, is a common ingredient in cocktails. The four main types of rum are white, gold, dark and spiced. Common rum drinks generally fit into one of six main categories: frozen drinks, highballs, hot toddies, punches, sours and tiki drinks. Some of the best known rum drinks are the Piña Colada, Rum and Coke, Hot Buttered Rum, Daiquiri, Planter's Punch, Mojito, and Mai Tai.


  • Highballs call for a spirit (in this case rum) and a soda, cola or juice. Popular rum highballs include Rum and Coke, Cuba Libre (rum, coke, and lime juice), Dark and Stormy (dark rum and ginger beer), and the Mojito (white rum, sugar, muddled mint leaves, lime juice and soda).

Hot Toddies

  • Hot toddies are warmed mixed drinks that are popular in winter. Among the rum toddies are the Hot Rum Toddy (rum, simple syrup, lemon, and sometimes cinnamon sticks and/or honey), Hot Buttered Rum (dark rum, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, water and butter), and Mulled Cider with Rum (apple cider, rum, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, dark rum and cinnamon).


  • Punches are traditionally cocktails served at parties in a large punch bowl. Planter's Punch is made with dark rum, grenadine, pineapple, orange and/or lemon juice, and bitters. Punch drinks for large batches (typically about 20 servings per bowl) include Rocky Mountain Punch (white rum, pineapple juice, sugar, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice and sparkling wine) and The Algonquin Bar Punch (dark rum, lemon juice, sugar, raspberries, gin, and Champagne).


  • Refreshing sours require a spirit, lemon or lime juice and sugar. While some may only be familiar with frozen daiquiris, the traditional daiquiri, made with white rum, lime juice and sugar, is the most famous rum sour. Other common examples are the Rum Sour (gold rum, lemon juice and sugar) and the Royal Navy Grog (rum, water, lime juice and honey or molasses).


  • Tiki drinks were popularized in 1930s America by such tropical theme restaurants as Trader Vic's. The most common tiki drinks are the Zombie (lemon juice, dark rum, high proof dark rum, cherry brandy, orange juice and grenadine) and the Mai Tai (Jamaican rum, Martinique rum, orange curacao, orgeat (almond and rose water-flavored) syrup, rock candy syrup and lime juice).

Frozen Drinks

  • Frozen drinks are made with crushed ice in a blender. Popular in summer and at beach locations, they can be made fresh or with pre-made mixes. Some of the most typical frozen rum drinks are Piña Coladas (white rum, pineapple juice and cream of coconut) and Frozen Daiquiris (white rum, triple sec, lime juice and sugar).


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