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Logo design is an important component of branding for a company or organization. Logos are images or designs used to represent a company, product or service. They usually are made with graphics and used on advertising materials and products. When designing a logo, keep in mind the organization's desired image and target audience.

Is It Memorable?

A logo should be memorable. Ideally, upon seeing the logo the consumer should immediately think of the company. Furthermore, the logo should be visually pleasing. To accomplish this, choose a relatively simple design. If you are not able to reproduce the logo from memory, it is likely too complicated. Also, use colors that stand out clearly but are not overly jarring to the viewer.

Is It Original?

Logos that too closely resemble graphic designs from other company brands are not effective. They often may be confused with that of the other business. It also is possible for the other group to sue for trademark or copyright infringement. Your logo design should be as unique as possible, representing your company only.

Is It Appealing?

Logos should be appealing to the organization's target audience. If consumers do not like a logo, they tend to think less of its associated organization. Design it to match the tastes of the target group and to reflect the emotions that you want your organization to elicit. Test your logo design on a focus group made up of representative members of your target audience in order to be assured of its widespread appeal. If your company is already well-established, consider offering several choices and conducting a poll among your consumers.

Will It Be Effective Over Time?

Changing logos repeatedly reduces recognition among the target consumers. It also may arouse distrust or disaffection. Therefore, choose a logo that is unlikely to appear dated or otherwise need to be changed in a year or two. Slight alterations to logo design can be made for special events or holidays. One example of this is, which alters the logo on its home page to reflect the significance of particular days. However, the underlying design should be recognizable.

Is It Adaptable?

Logos should be designed to be effective in a variety of settings. They should be recognizable on both a large and small scale, so make sure that your logo is legible in several different sizes. Do not rely on animation, as that would preclude using it in print media, but it should be adaptable to animation for television commercials. The more flexible your logo design, the simpler it will be adapt to different situations.

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