Homemade Corn Costume Ideas


Whether you're making a corn cob costume for a school harvest season play or you just think it makes a cute costume, you can create this look quite easily and affordably with impressive results. Inexpensive items, like paint, fabric and egg cartons, are all you need to design a corn cob costume suitable for anyone from a baby to an adult.


  • Use balloons to transform yourself into an ear of corn. Blow up enough small yellow balloons to fill a standard sheet of posterboard. Wrap the posterboard around yourself to check the size. If necessary, tape on a second sheet of posterboard to completely encircle yourself. Blow up more balloons as needed for the additional posterboard. Wrap the custom-sized posterboard back around yourself and mark where your arms go. Lay it flat, cut out the armholes and tape the small, yellow balloons all over the posterboard, so they look like corn kernels. Dress up in a green sweatshirt and pants. Tape the ends of the posterboard together and slip it on to complete your corn cob costume.

Egg Cartons

  • Use egg cartons, green felt and yellow paint to make a corn costume. Cut off and coat the bottom half of several egg cartons with yellow paint. Use as many as needed to cover the center of your torso from your stomach to your neck. Once they're completely dry, glue them to the front of a green sweatshirt. Cut the green felt into strips that reach from the top of your legs to your shoulders, making each at least 6 inches wide. Glue the strips in layers on either side of the egg cartons to look like a corn husk. Wrap all the way around the back for even greater detail. Once all the glue is completely dry, carefully pull on the sweatshirt, along with yellow pants or leggings, to complete your corn outfit.

Baby Costume

  • You can make a baby or toddler corn costume with minimal work. Use a fabric marker to make a grid-like, corn kernel pattern on a onesie or infant gown. Once the markings have dried, glue strips of green felt onto the back and sides of the clothing, so it looks like a husk. For a finishing touch, tie a few pieces of raffia in a bow, like a headband, around baby's head for a corn silk effect.

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