Lexus E300 Fault Code List


Your Lexus on-board diagnostic (OBD 11) fault codes are a powerful diagnostic tool, but the codes are only one piece of information when your ES300 malfunctions. Lexus ES300 style and power requires service technicians, certified by the Lexus Commitment to Perfection program, at the Lexus dealership. The Lexus service technician will attach a scanner to your ES300 wiring system to read the fault codes and help diagnose the mechanical or electrical problem.

P0100 to P0399 Engine Fault Codes

  • Owners of Lexus ES300s released in 1999 or 2000 report difficulty with oxygen sensors. From the Lexus forums, an 1999 ES300 owner reports P0150 and P0153 trouble codes, a problem with the bank 2, sensor 1 Oxygen sensor. Bank 2 is toward the front of the vehicle, and the oxygen sensor is near the exhaust manifold. Another 2000 Lexus ES300 owner reports the bank 1 sensor 1 Air/Fuel sensor is lit. This sensor is in the rear exhaust manifold. A list of ES300 OBD Engine Fault Codes follows:

    P0100-P0104 Mass or Volume Air Flow

    P0105-P0109 Exhaust Manifold

    P0110-P0114 Intake Air Pressure

    P0115-P0119 Engine Coolant Temperature

    P0120-P0124 Throttle Position Sensor

    P0125-P0126 Insufficient Coolant Temperature

    P0128 Thermostat

    P0130-P0167 Oxygen Sensors

    P0168-P0194 Fuel Temperature Too High

    P0195-P0199 Engine Oil

    P0200-P0212 Fuel Injectors

    P0213-P0214 Cold Start

    P0218 Transmission Fluid Temperature

    P0215 Engine Shut Off Solenoid

    P0220-P0229 Gas Pedal

    P0230-P0233 Fuel Pump

    P0234-P0250 Turbo Chargers

    P0251-P0260 Injection Pump

    P0261-P0296 Engine Cylinders

    P0298 Engine Oil Temperature Is Too High

    P0300-P0314 Cylinder Misfire

    P0320-P0323 Ignition

    P0324-P0334 Knock Sensor

    P0335-P0339 Crankshaft

    P0385-P0389 Crankshaft

    P0340-P0349 Camshaft

    P0365-P0369 Camshaft

    P0390-P0394 Camshaft

    P0350-P0362 Ignition Coil

    P0372-P0379 Timing

    P0380-P0382 Heater Glow Plug

P0400 to P0699 Check Engine Fault Light

  • The Check Engine Light may stay on, come and go or blink in response to the emissions system. If the problem does not recur, the light will go out. The OBD fault codes appear when the ES300's emissions rise above the emissions limit set by the federal government. Changing the type of fuel may solve the problem. A list of OBD 11 codes follows:

    P0400-P0409 Exhaust Gas

    P0410-P0419 Secondary Air

    P0420-P0439 Catalyst System

    P0440-P0457 Evaporative Emission

    P0460-P0464 Fuel Level

    P0465 Evaporative Purge

    P0470-P0479 Exhaust Pressure

    P0480-P0485 Cooling Fan

    P0486-P0488 Exhaust Gas

    P0491-P0492 Secondary Air Injection

    P0500-P0509 Vehicle Speed

    P0510 Closed Throttle

    P0512 Starter

    P0513-P0517 Battery Temperature

    P0520-P0524 Engine Oil Sensor

    P0530-P0534 Air Conditioner

    P0540-P0542 Intake Air

    P0544-P0549 Exhaust Gas

    P0550-P0554 Power Steering

    P0560-P0563 System Voltage

    P0564-P0577 Cruise Control

    P0600 Communications

    P0601-P0610 Computer

    P0615-P0617 Starter Relay

    P0620-P0623 Generator

    P0624 Fuel Cap

    P0635-P0637 Power Steering

    P0638-P0639 Throttle Actuator

    P0640-P0647 Air Conditioner

    P0649 Speed Control

    P0654 Engine RPMs

    P0660-P0665 Intake Valve Timing

Codes P0700 to P0999 Transmission System Faults

  • An ES300 fault code from the transmission is an indication that the transmission malfunctioned. But the problem might originate elsewhere. If coolant is not the proper temperature, the transmission will be stuck in a lower gear. A list of transmission fault codes follows:

    P0700-P0714 Transmission

    P0720-P0723 Output Sensor

    P0719,P0724 Torque Converter

    P0725-P0728 Engine Speed

    P0730-P0736 Generator

    P0737-P0739 Engine Speed

    P0749 Torque Converter Clutch

    P0745-P0749 Pressure Control

    P0750-P0779 Solenoid Switch

    P0794-P0799 Specific Part of Transmission

    P0800-P0835 Clutch & Transmission

    P0836-P0839 Four Wheel Drive

    P0840-P0849 ATF pressure

    P0850-P0855 Park, Neutral, Drive

    P0856-P0859 Traction

    P0859-P0866 Transmission Control Unit

    P0867-P0879 ATF Pressure

    P0880-P0892 Transmission Relay

    P0893-P0899 Transmission

    P0900-P0999 Transmission and Clutch Actuator

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