Permanent HEPA Filter Advantages


Allergy sufferers rely on air purifiers to remove the allergies from the air they breathe. There are many styles of air filters on the market using HEPA filters. Air filters that use permanent HEPA filter assemblies are becoming more common and provide users some advantage over the traditional type of HEPA filters that have to be replaced.


  • Air purifiers that are assembled with permanent HEPA filters are cleanable. This means that the compartment where the filter is contained can be removed from the air purifier unit and either sprayed down or submerged into soapy water. Being able to clean the HEPA filter is an advantage to users because they are then washing away the very irritants that cause their allergies to become irritated. Also, some people are bothered by knowing that dust and other air pollutants are trapped in their air filter. Cleaning it allows the user to have a peace of mind.

Allergy Removal

  • Permanent HEPA filters have been shown to be effective at removing air pollutants up to 99.7 percent. This includes particles in the air that are as small as .3 microns. Tobacco smoke, pet dander and dust are all removed from the air as it passes through the permanent HEPA filter. This effective removal of airborne allergies means a cleaner environment for allergy sufferers to enjoy. As people spend more time indoors due to work or other factors it is important that the indoor air is clean and healthy to breathe.


  • Permanent HEPA filters save the user money. While it is true that the air purifier unit that uses a permanent HEPA filter may cost a bit more at the time of the initial purchase, the cost savings from not having to buy replacement filters will make up for the difference. HEPA replacement filters can cost anywhere from $10 to $30. The frequency that filters need to be replaced depends on the area where the air purifier is located. However, a permanent HEPA filter can be removed from the air purifier, wiped down and cleaned, and placed back into the air purifier. This results in the user saving time, money and gas that would have been spent going to the store to buy new disposable filters.

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