The Best Performing Non-Synthetic Motor Oils


Performance in a motor oil is measured by the gas mileage and performance of your engine. A good motor oil will maintain your piston chambers, seals, and internal parts while pulling out debris and sediment. The best way to gauge the best is to ask those people that work in oil daily. Lube technicians consistently select top brand-name products as the best performing motor oils.


  • Castrol has a solid name because of the reliability and cleanliness of the oil. Castrol suspends debris and sediment in the oil, pulling it out with each oil change, leaving your chambers cleaner than most conventional oils. The company continuously develops methods for cleaner burning oil to reduce emissions. Castrol High Mileage 5w30 lubricates the engine and reconditions the motor seals to prolong the lifespan of the engine. Castrol even offers an engine warranty to back up the claims of reliability. Of the top three oils, Castrol reduces engine sludge the best.


  • Pennzoil is respected by lube technicians for the cleanliness of the oil. The chemical nature of the oil forces sediment to the bottom of the pan to avoid creating friction along the piston chambers. The oil continues to perform after the 3,000-mile mark is hit. The oil breaks down slower than most, allowing it to last for extended periods. Clinical testing has shown Pennzoil to keep the engine the cleanest. Routine use of standard SAE 5w30 will prolong your engine life. The oil keeps the engine the cleanest of the three top choices.


  • Valvoline is the top choice of ASE certified mechanics, according to The oil provides consistency in performance. Several blends of motor oil start off providing smooth starts and running, but can break down, causing your engine to start knocking before the 3,000-mile mark. Valvoline engineered its oil to maintain a stable viscosity through repeat occurrences of high heat and use. Gas mileage remains more consistent with repetitive use during oil changes. Valvoline provides exceptional cleanliness during use, outperforming most conventional oils. Consistency of performance puts Valvoline oils in the top ranks of motor oils.

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