What Kind of Jobs Can a 12-Year-Old Get Other Than Babysitting?


There are several jobs pre-teens can do to earn a little extra money besides babysitting or putting up a lemonade stand. Of course most of these options are far from glamorous but if your wannabe employee is willing to work hard the money's there. Plus working can go a long way towards building a positive work ethic and character.

Yard Work

  • Maintaining a beautiful yard takes a lot of work; work that many homeowners do not have the desire or time to do themselves. Pre-teens can make a little money by offering to pick up the slack. After all there's no shortage of work to be done no matter the season. In the fall kids can mow rake up fallen tree leaves. In the winter walkways need to shoveled and in the warmer months, weeds need to be pulled and lawns mowed.

Pet Services

  • If your child likes animals there are plenty of ways to turn his or her compassion for four-legged creatures into extra spending money. For example, busy pet owners often need someone to walk their dogs while they are at work and they are willing to pay pretty well for the service. You may also have a neighbor or two that would be willing pay someone to clean out their cat's litter box or remove dog feces from their yard on a regular basis. Another option is to offer pet sitting services. Just charge a daily fee for taking care of various household animals while clients are away on vacation.

Teaching and Tutoring

  • Youngsters don't always have to play the role of student. Have the child make a list detailing everything she knows and everything she is good at doing. Odds are there's something on that list that someone would be willing to pay to learn. For example if she is good with computers she may want to offer to teach basic skills and operation of some popular programs to seniors or other individuals that are new to computers.

Technical Odd Jobs

  • Transferring a large CD collection to a MP3 player or other gadget can be a daunting task. It's so frustrating in fact that many people would actually pay someone to do the work for them. Tweens looking for a paycheck can also offer to help potential customers by scanning traditional photos and putting them on the computer or transferring media from a memory card. As well if they a knack for picture altering software even 12-year-olds can offer to retouch photos for a fee.

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