Dominant Characteristics of the Right Brain


Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry helped to research and map the activities that are dominant in each half of the brain. According to Dan Eden, author of "Left Brain/Right Brain," the map Sperry created is accurate for 70 percent or more of the population. Eden reports that most young children show highly creative, right-brain dominance prior to entering school, but the numbers drop to only 10 percent testing as highly creative before they finish second grade. He believes the focus of logical thinking in schools causes this dramatic shift.

Feminine Over Masculine

  • Right-brain dominance leans toward the feminine energy. Feminine characteristics noted in right-brain dominance include intuitiveness, spontaneity, creativity, fluidity, nurturing behaviors, future orientation, expression of feelings and emotions, and relational thinking and responses. The right-brain dominant focus more on the whole world than the local, with a deep concern for social justice.

Spiritual Perspective

  • Right brain-dominant individuals pursue spiritual and metaphysical interests more often than left-brain dominants. This may be true because they prefer to ask open-ended questions and seek answers beyond the obvious. Right-brain dominants tend to see the big picture before details and seek the truth with gut feelings. Right brain-dominant spiritual seekers think in terms of life lessons and social consciousness, and they look for answers outside the box.

Learning Style

  • Right-brained learners dislike structure, prefer visual instructions and stimulation and give as much weight to body language and other language cues as to what is actually said. They learn things sequentially and according to cause and effect. They solve problems by following a hunch and looking for patterns and similarities rather than following a step-by-step approach. Creatively, they prefer drawing, speaking, acting, dancing, manipulating things and pursuing artistic endeavors over structured activities. They jump from one task to another and have difficulty completing projects.

Relationship Characteristics

  • In a relationship, the right brain-dominant individual usually does most of the talking. She relays lots of information in bits and pieces, talking in scattered directions rather than getting straight to the point. The right-brained lover enjoys sharing feelings as long as she believes the partner will not reject her.

    He fears rejection and abandonment and sublimates his desires and needs to avoid conflict. She believes relationship and connection are important, but she has difficulty making a commitment and remaining constant. He avoids responsibility and has difficulty with discipline and organization.

    The right-brained lover has a need for variety and creativity in the bedroom, disliking the routine and predictable. She is likely to be spontaneous, curious and willing to try new things.

Physical Characteristics

  • Physically, the right-brain dominant crosses the left leg on top of the right and places the right thumb on top of the left when fingers are interlaced. The right upper eyelid droops lower than the left. He prefers sleeping on the left side of the bed with the left side of the body higher than the right side.

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