What Kind of Jobs Can Teenagers Get Without Using a Cash Register?


Traditional jobs for teenagers include options like fast food or grocery store cashier, positions that require lots of time spent handling money and running a cash register. Some don't mind the routine but, for various reasons, a certain segment of that age group would prefer work that did not involve a cash register. Not to worry. Choices abound for the dedicated teen worker who doesn't want to spend his or her spare time punching numbered keys.


  • Lawn maintenance requires a strong back and dedicated work ethic above all, with little chance that one will be called upon to interact with a cash register. Whether freelancing your grass mowing services or working on a crew that tends to all aspects of lawn care, cash register averse teenage workers could consider this option. In warm weather climates, grass mowing goes on year round.


  • If you have a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy, plus a list of references, marketing your services as a pet or house sitter should keep the prospect of a cash register encounter at bay. Toss babysitting into the mix if you like hanging out with younger kids. In this security conscious world around us, people feel better if their house has that lived in look, even if it's only for a few hours. Likewise, pet owners are willing to pay good money for someone to check the mail, freshen food and water, and take their pooch for a stroll.


  • Even if you despise the invention of the cash register, a grocery store position isn't entirely out of the question. Grocery baggers, shelf stockers, and cart attendants are always in demand to keep the operation running smoothly. Don't forget to consider similar positions with a movie theater. The cashier is only one of many jobs. Such venues also need ticket attendants and maintenance workers to sweep out the theater after each showing.

Administrative Assistant

  • If you have strong office and computing skills, an administrative assistant position is an option. Busy professionals of all types know the value of a reliable assistant, and cash register intimacy is not a normal prerequisite for the position. Strong computer skills and a good phone manner can go a long ways toward landing receptionist or intro-level administrative work.

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