Kitchen Rules to Post at the Office


Maybe you've walked into that office kitchen to the smell of rotting garbage or a countertop with spilled liquids that were never cleaned. Or maybe you've gone to the refrigerator to pull out that homemade lasagna you cooked last night and, after searching every shelf, it's gone and your empty container is sitting in the sink. If you've had these and other issues at work, it's time to post some basic office kitchen rules.

Clean Up

  • You would think this would be common sense, but that isn't always the case. Joe in the accounting department constantly leaves his dirty coffee mug for someone else to clean. Every morning, Sue in human resources makes a cup of coffee and leaves a stained ring on the countertop. What is basic common courtesy to you is not always so obvious to others. It's quite simple: If you make the mess, clean it up.

Do Not Touch

  • Imagine this: You've worked through lunch and now you're staying late to get that project done. You figure it's OK because you have your baked ziti in the fridge just waiting for you. When you finally decide to take a much-needed break, you go to the office kitchen, open the fridge and realize it's gone. However, the dirty container is sitting in the sink. This issue is a common occurrence in the office. It is nerve-wracking and frustrating to have colleagues who do this, but it happens. Never touch anyone's property without asking permission first. This includes food, drink, utensils and anything that is not yours.


  • If you use the last of the coffee, replace it. It's that simple. This is another common issue happening in the workplace. Many companies allocate money for buying utensils and other kitchen needs like coffee creamer and sugar. Usually, one person is designated to keep the office kitchen stocked. If you use up something, inform the designated stock person. Using the last of the creamer and sticking the empty container back onto the shelf is not only rude, it's frustrating to the next person.

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