Pringles Can Projects


Recycling Pringles cans for craft projects saves you money and reduces garbage waste. When using inexpensive crafting materials or items found around the house, these project ideas fit nearly everyone's budget. With several projects to choose from, turn your empty Pringles can into gift-quality, attractive items.

Custom Organizer

  • Create a custom organizer with your Pringles can. Thoroughly wash the empty can and air dry it. Paint it a solid dark color. This covers the label so it does not show through. When the paint is drying look through old magazines for pages or ads to cover your can. Cover with a full page or cut out smaller pictures and sayings. After the paint is dry, apply white craft glue to the can. Cover the entire can and wrap the magazine page around it, cutting off any extra paper. If you get air bubbles, use your hands to gently push them out. If you use smaller cutouts, overlap them to create a collage on the can. Allow the can to completely dry. Spray or brush a thin layer of varnish around the entire can to protect your handiwork.

Kitchen Keeper

  • Discard the lid and wash and dry your empty Pringles can. Apply white craft glue to the entire can and use craft sticks to cover it. Line the sticks up side-by-side, vertically, so they wrap around the can. The sticks should be level with the bottom of the can so it still stands up. Apply another row on top of the first. The sticks may be taller than the can, which is fine. Allow the glue to dry. Finish the kitchen keeper by painting the sticks or wrapping strips of wallpaper or wrapping paper around the base and top of the can. Let it dry and then set it on your kitchen counter near the stove. Keep your kitchen utensils in it for easy access when cooking.

Gift Box

  • Wash and dry your Pringles can. Paint it a solid color to cover the label. Use a hot glue gun or white craft paint to attach colored glass, flat-sided beads or colorful wrapping paper to the can. Decorate the lid, too. After it is dry, fill the can with popcorn or another tasty treat. Tie a colorful ribbon around it and give it as a gift.

Piggy Bank

  • After you wash and air-dry your Pringles can, paint it a solid color. Cut different sized letters from a magazine to spell your name and the word "bank." Apply white craft glue to the back of the letters and glue on the can when the paint is dry. Brush or spray a layer or two of clear varnish over the can to protect it. Use a utility knife to cut a wide slit in the lid. Use this as a piggy bank.

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