Traditional Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks


Traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drinks include a wide variation of tastes, temperatures and consistencies. Some traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drinks are simple flavored waters, others are rice-based and others still are thick with dough. Some appear as if they are traditional drinks from different parts of the globe, only to surprise you with an ingredient like tamales or masa harana (corn flour).

Horchata de Arroz

  • Horchata de arroz, or horchata, is rice-based flavored water. In its most basic form, it contains rice, water, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. The rice gives it a milky white color and a thicker texture than water. Variations of this traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drink include fruit, nut or cocoa-flavored horchata. The drink is served from large glass jars set in ice, according to Whats4Eats, an international recipe website.

Agua de Tamarindo

  • Agua de tamarindo, or simply tamarindo, is an agua fresco made with tamarind fruit pods. This beverage requires very few ingredients, just sugar, water and tamarind pods. It takes several hours to prepare fresh tamarindo.

Agua de Tuna

  • Agua de tuna is a prickly pear-flavored fresca. Tuna is the Mexican term for prickly pears. This traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drink contains peeled and blended prickly pears, water and sugar. It sometimes contains lemon or lime juice and chunks of chopped prickly pears.


  • Champurrado is the Mexican version of hot chocolate. It contains masa (corn dough) or masa harina (corn flour), Mexican chocolate, piloncillo (a type of brown sugar), vanilla, anise seed and sometimes tamales, says Gourmet Sleuth. It is a thick, spicy version of traditional American hot chocolate.

Cafe de Olla

  • Cafe de olla, or Mexican spiced coffee, gets its name (Olla) from the clay pot in which you make this non-alcoholic Mexican drink. It is coffee sweetened with piloncillo and spice with anise seed. To make it, you boil water, anise seed and sugar until the sugar melts. Then, add coffee and milk and you have cafe de olla.


  • Atole is another traditional non-alcoholic Mexican drink that you thicken with masa or masa harina. It is a thick and creamy drink. You can serve atole as breakfast when you thicken it to the consistency of oatmeal. For variation, you can spice or sweeten it with cinnamon, vanilla, pilincillo, chocolate, fruit or nuts.

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