A General Safety Walk-Through Checklist


A general safety checklist can help you perform a walk-through effectively and efficiently. This type of checklist can be used in your home, at the office or in a public meeting place where an event is scheduled. Minimize the risk of accidents by performing a safety checklist walk-through on a regular basis.

Woman with a clipboard in a warehouse.
Woman with a clipboard in a warehouse. (Image: m-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images)


Locate combustible materials that have been placed too close to each other. Try to spread them out throughout the area or, if possible, discard any materials that are no longer necessary. Check the expiration date on all fire extinguishers and make sure they're kept in easily accessible locations. Ensure that sprinklers are regularly maintained and that fire alarms are functioning properly. Inspect electrical equipment for any exposed wires; repair or replace damaged cords. Finally, make sure that all fire exits are equipped with panic hardware and that they're not dead-bolted or chained shut.

Fire extinguishers in warehouse.
Fire extinguishers in warehouse. (Image: Jacek_Sopotnicki/iStock/Getty Images)


Add slip-resistant material to the backs of rugs and to tub and shower floors. Check the sturdiness of all handrails, and add more lighting to dark hallways and stairwells. Insulate all exposed heating pipes. Finally, look through your utensils and move all sharp objects to a designated area away from children.

Young family leaning on handrail.
Young family leaning on handrail. (Image: Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)


Remove cracking and chipped paint, which could contain lead. Make sure that all toxic chemicals are in properly sealed containers and are labeled clearly and kept separate from other non-toxic liquids cleaning agents. Safety showers and eye baths should be within a 10-second reach of where any potentially harmful chemicals are stored. Move all flammable liquids to a separate location away from chemical storage areas. Post warning signs that alert to any toxic risks in the area, and hang posters that explain how to get help if injured.

A locker storing flammable liquids.
A locker storing flammable liquids. (Image: Huntstock/DisabilityImages/Getty Images)

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