What Kind of Equipment Do Film Producers Use?


The film producer is the "top guy" on set. They must oversee all other departments including acting, sets, recording, directing, cinematography and marketing of the film. On the set of a large scale film, producers hire people to manage these departments. For smaller scale films they may decide to fill them manually. A producers job isn't over once the movie has been shot and edited, they must market the film and pay back their investors.


  • A camera or fleet of cameras is necessary to film and is provided by the producers. Other accessories associated with cameras may include camera mounts, tripods, carrying cases, lenses and monitors. If working on a small production style film, the producer may also direct and even operate cameras. For a large scale production film, a camera man or cinematographer may need an assistant to help manage tools. Depending on the scale of productions a producer may need to provide rigging equipment, camera dolly's and shoulder supports.


  • Lighting allows directors to film in any environment whether it is inside, outside, in a cave or underwater. Because the film producer handles the financials of the film, they must provide lighting equipment. High powered video lights, camera mounted lights, on-screen lights like lamp props and lanterns are all forms of lighting used in film making. Accessories include reflective sheets, light pads, distributive flags, dimmers and power extenders.


  • The sound department is another essential of film making. Microphones and mufflers are needed to capture the actors' sounds. Microphones come in all shapes and sizes from hand-held versions to miniature wireless microphones that are worn on a body. Other equipment includes boom poles, sound hardware like wires and connectors, digital recorders and mixers. Digital mixers give the sound department more control over the amount of noise in the recorded sounds and allow them to control more than one item at once. A communication system, such as walk talkie's and headphone sets, may be necessary for large scale productions .

Editing Equipment

  • Without the ability to shape the film through editing, all you have is recorded data. Before the invention of digital film and editing software, editing literally met cutting and pasting strips of film together. Video edit controllers are pieces of equipment either stand alone or operated through a computer. They do a number of things for producers. They communicate between your film playback equipment to take control of commands like rewind, slow, speed up, stop and record from one station.


  • Computers are an essential piece of equipment for film producers. Not only because many other pieces of equipment require them to operate, such as video edit controllers, but also because a film producer's job is to handle the financials of a film. A producer must gather investors, advertisers, devise a marketing plan for the finished product and distribute the investments to maximize film quality. Spreadsheet and financial organization software is very helpful and possibly essential to these duties.

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