Good Topics for History Research Papers


History is full of engaging research paper topics. When you are charged with the task of writing a research paper about history, consider some of the interesting topics at your disposal. By selecting a topic with a bit more pizazz than the norm, you will not only likely make the task of research paper more exciting for you as the writer, but also produce a paper that others are more eager to read.

History of the Electoral College

  • The presence of the electoral college once seemed a non-issue, but the Bush vs. Gore election once again brought this issue to the forefront. Gather information on how and why this presidential election body was developed as well as what purpose it currently serves in contemporary politics. Also report on any alternatives that have been suggested to replace this practice.

Development of Women's Rights

  • The road to equality for women was long and storied. Explore the path that women activists took toward securing equal rights for women, discussing the key players in this fight, exploring the impetus behind the fight for equality and outlining the steps that finally enhanced gender equality. In the conclusion of your paper, discuss whether gender equality has truly been achieved or if, instead, women still do not possess rights equal to men.

The Early Colonies

  • Through the establishment of colonies, settlers from distant lands made a new home in America. For your research paper, gather information on these early American settlements, discussing the ways in which these early settlements were similar and different from each other as well as the reasons behind the establishment of the colony. Discuss what happened to each early colony you explore, explaining what caused its downfall if it did in fact fail, or how it evolved into a part of the modern American landscape.

The History of Warfare

  • The ways in which men go about waging war have changed greatly due to the development of technology and changes in social norms. Explore history-making wars, both foreign and domestic, throughout history. Discuss how the standard war-related practices have evolved over the years, providing reasons for this evolution. Explore war-related technologies currently in the development stages, and discuss how these new war tools may, yet again, change the practice of waging war.

Presidents -- Past, Present and Future

  • Only several handfuls of men have had the opportunity serve as president of the United States. In your research paper, discuss the men who have filled this powerful office. Explore the ways in which these men were similar to, and different from, each other, identifying characteristics that seem to be common among men who attain this office. Also discuss the ways in which the characteristics of a president have changed during the years.

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