Bacon Spices

While bacon often comes from the store or the butcher with plenty of flavor of its own, you might want to add some extra spices for a special occasion. Add some seasonings to make spiced bacon bits or wraps for chicken and scallops. Or, you can simply season the bacon itself to give it an unexpected kick at the breakfast table or as an appetizer. Whatever you use it for, spiced bacon is sure to be a hit with your friends and family.

  1. The Spice

    • Dry mustard, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, cayenne pepper and ground allspice are all great additions to bacon. Mix these dry ingredients together in a bowl and add some black pepper until the combination tastes right to you. The combination of savory, peppery and sweet spices will result in unforgettable bacon.

    The Sweet

    • Dark brown sugar, light brown sugar and raw sugar are great additions to the spice combination. Mix them all together with slightly higher levels of sugar than spice for the perfect ratio. The addition of sugar to the spice mixture will result in a caramelized candy-like coating, making your bacon even crispier than usual.

    The Sauce

    • If you plan on cooking you bacon in a skillet, you may want to add a bit of liquid so the spice mixture is evenly distributed. You can use maple syrup or honey in place of sugar for added sweetness. Worcestershire sauce is another great addition to the recipe to keep it wet. Or, if you don't have dry mustard, try using Dijon or spicy brown in its place. Adding liquid to the mix is best suited for bacon that is being cooked on the stove top; if you are baking it, omit the liquid and just sprinkle the spices and sugar on top.

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