How to Use the Wilton Flower Leaf Tips

Wilton Brands provides pastry chefs, dessert connoisseurs and the hobbyist a wide selection of supplies to make and decorate cakes, cookies and candy. Founded in the late 1920s, the company has become a leader in providing supplies to the food industry. Wilton offers decorators a selection of icing bag and decorative tips to beautify the appearance of cakes and other desserts. Leaf and flower tips assist in creating floral works made with frosting.

  1. Decorating Bags

    • Before decorating a cake it is necessary to prepare with the right decorating tools. Piping bags, used to hold icing while decorating, come in various forms. Wilton offers three different types of bags - featherweight, disposable and parchment triangles. Unscrew a threaded plastic coupler and place the base inside the tip of the piping bag. Put a decorating tip over the base and slide the ring of the coupler over the tip and tighten securely. The coupler will hold the bag and the tip in place while you decorate.

    Leaf Tips

    • Wilton supplies a host of leaf tips for decorators to achieve smooth, ruffled, small and large leaf combinations. The decorating tips are assigned a number to make categorization easier. To make leaves, place a 1/2 cup of colored icing into a prepared decorating bag, fastened with a leaf tip. Tip numbers 65, 65s, 73 and 74 work the best for small leaves or to add accents to larger leaves. Tips 70, 112, 115 and 366 make large leaves. Twist and fold the top of the decorating bag down and squeeze the piping through the bag out of the tip with a slow and steady pressure. Practice different making different shapes of leaves to get the right look before decorating on cake or other pastry.

    Flower Tips

    • Wilton offers numerous decorating tips for flower creations, such as specialty tips, leaf tips and drop flower tips. Petal decorating tip number 104 offers great versatility to create a variety of flower shapes and designs. Use in conjunction with a small round tip such as a number three round decorating tip to add accents to flowers. Again, practice creating flower petals on another surface to get an idea of how the flowers will look on the cake.

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