Perennial Plants for Sun & Intense Heat


Where you live is a deciding factor when considering what type of plants to put into your garden. Two very big considerations are how much sun and heat you get in your region. If you live someplace like Arizona, Texas or the Deep South, you will want to find plants that can tolerate both a good deal of sunlight and intense heat to survive the summer in your state.


  • Sedum is a perennial plant that enjoys full sunlight and can handle intense heat. It is grows in clusters with bluish succulent leaves and pink flowers that resemble a star. These flowers bloom during the summer. According to, sedum is an easy plant to grow and does best in sandy soil with full sun. Sedum is known to be drought resistant but also can handle a good deal of rain if it happens to get wet. Sedum grows best in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 9. In the winter, sedum will die to the ground, but return in the spring.

Ice Plant

  • Ice plants are another succulent that thrives in full sunlight and intense heat. Native to South Africa, the ice plant features small, fleshy leaves that are covered with tiny fibers. When the sun hits the ice plant, these fibers sparkle, giving the plant its name. The ice plant likes to grow in places that are dry and hot. Places that get a lot of moisture in the summer are not the best choices. Also, ice plants are considered invasive species in some spots because the plant grows quickly, taking away space and nutrients from other plants.


  • The cactus is a plant ubiquitous with deserts, sunny places that are intensely hot. There are more than 2,000 species of cactus, according to the University of Arizona. Cacti generally do not have leaves, but are covered with sharp thorns or spines. Cacti come in many shapes and sizes, from the round golden barrel cactus to the tall saguaro. Although cacti need moisture to survive, like all plants, they can live for a long period of time without water. If you are growing cactus in your garden, minimal care is required. However, in times of extreme drought, you may need to water your cactus.

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