Saline Nasal Spray Benefits

Saline nasal sprays are just a solution of water and non-iodized salt. Unlike medicated nasal sprays, they have no active ingredients. Thus they are gentle enough to use even for infants, yet are very effective in keeping sinus cavities open and clearing congestion. Saline nasal sprays are commercially available at pharmacies and you can easily prepare your own at home by combining water, non-iodized salt and baking soda. Before automatically opting for medicated sprays, consider the benefits of saline sprays.

  1. Safe

    Allergy Prevention

    • Saline nasal sprays prevent buildup of allergens such as pollen in the nose.
      Saline nasal sprays prevent buildup of allergens such as pollen in the nose.

      Natural saline sprays can stop allergic reactions before they start. By keeping nasal passages moist and clear they prevent allergens from building up in the cilia of the nose. When you keep allergens drained from the nose you are much less likely to suffer an allergic reaction.

    No Rebound

    • Saline sprays do not cause a rebound of worse congestion after a few days.
      Saline sprays do not cause a rebound of worse congestion after a few days.

      Some people report what seems to be an addiction when using medicated nasal sprays. According to Dr. James T. Li, Mayo Clinic asthma and allergy specialist, this is actually a rebound effect. The nose gets less responsive to the medicine in such sprays after a few days and more is needed to achieve the same results. When use is discontinued, congestion can actually increase. There is no rebound effect with saline nasal sprays.


    • Make saline nasal spray at home and your only costs are those of distilled water, non-iodized salt and baking soda. Even when you buy it commercially at a pharmacy the cost starts at about $2 for a 1.5 oz. bottle, about half what medicated nasal sprays cost.


    • Additives and preservatives in commercial saline nasal sprays can cause irritation. According to a 2001 study by the Eastern Virginia Medical School at Norfolk, saline sprays that contain the preservative benzalkonium chloride, or BKC, can damage cells in the nose that fight off infections. You can remedy either problem by simply making saline sprays at home. Home sprays do not use additives or preservatives.

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