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Most parents aren't interested in waking up at the crack of dawn to get their kids ready and hair styled perfect each day -- especially since active kids are likely to mess it up within a couple of hours. Many kids also don't have the patience to sit through lengthy hair-styling sessions. Quick and easy hairstyles give kids something they can do on their own each day and without much effort.

Opt for a quick hairstyle for your kids.
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This hairstyle is easy enough that kids could do it on their own with a little bit of practice. Brush all the hair down to a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, then hold it in place (loosely) with a ponytail holder. Separate the hair above the ponytail holder with your hand, making a "hole," and push your hand through the hole. You'll grab the rest of the ponytail (that's hanging down) and pull it through the hole you just made, which will result in a two twists on the side of the ponytail. You can either leave it like this or continue making more twists down the ponytail. To do this, just add another ponytail holder and then make a hole and pull the ponytail through like you did the first time. (see references 1)

A looped pony tail is fun and easy.
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This hairstyle is an easy one for boys to do on their own. Boys will need to shampoo the hair ahead of time (or just wet it if it's already clean). To style, boys will need to brush the tangles out of the hair, then brush the front and sides forward. This style works with both long and short hair and can even work for toddler boys who have at least enough hair to brush. (see references 2)

hair brushed forward looks good and is easy to style.
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Pigtails are easy enough that girls can do them on their own with a little bit of practice. You can give your little girl this hairstyle with either wet or dry hair. Starting at the front of the hairline, part the hair straight down the middle to create equal parts. Secure each side with an elastic ponytail holder. For young girls, high pigtails may look cute. Alternatively, you could do the pigtails in the back center of the head, closer to the part. For older girls and teens, low pigtails will look classy and put together. If you want, you could also do the part on the side. (see references 3)

Girls can make their own pigtails
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A side part is an easy way to give a girl a whole new look. If you want to take this a step further, consider having your girl's hair cut to accent her side part. A layered cut so that the hair settles right around the face may draw attention to your girl's face without much day-to-day effort on her part. All she'll have to do each day is part her hair and she'll look stylish and put together. (See references 4)

A side part can give long hair a fresh look.
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